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  1. i didn't like either to be honest, both came off as a bit up themselves, and i was annoyed by talias indian/pakistani accent which seemed a bit random and sounded stupid


    i helped talia since i don't usually tend to side with people who try to kill me

  2. i couldn't pick either one to be honest, both are better than each other in different areas for different reasons


    as an rpg, KOTOR 2 is superior while KOTOR 1 was better rounded as a GAME


    Thats why i felt more satisfied at the end of the first one, i truely feel kotor 2 could have been a vastly superior game in every area if it had been better thought out and implemented and the developers had an extra 3 or 4 months to actually FINISH the thing. I am so frustrated at what could have been when playing through it.

  3. i posted this before in a other thread but i'll say it again,


    obsidian have really shot themselves in the foot over this patch, a little message now and then to better inform people waiting for the patch and tell them how its going wouldn't hurt,


    but no, they just stick up a "coming soon" sign thats been there for well over a month and put their fingers in their ears while the universe implodes around them.

  4. you all still have to remember that the star wars films are "family films". They aren't supposed to have big "deeper meaning" stories.


    Thus it will be hard to incorporate such a story into the KOTOR games when star wars as a concept is very simplistic in terms of story telling, so have some sympathy for the developers :D

  5. they will make a kotor 3, no doubt, how could they not after the way they ended 2??



    and as far as the "backlash" to 2 goes, well lets face it there isn't really any so to speak outside of these forums. The game is consistently getting mid 80-95 % scores and is hailed as a success by everybody who can get past the bugs which is the vast majority of people. Its a testament to the game and its story when it is so rife with bugs, people are playing it over and over again.


    As far as what revan went off to do, he is obviously trying to sabotage the sith empires war effort or trying to influence them in some way to tip the balance in the republics favour when the war actually comes. Though i have a feeling you won't ever see revan making an appearance as a playable character again. Same the exile expecially.


    Like how would other npcs refer to the exile? And how would the developers get it across that you were playing as the exile again since you don't even have a name so to speak. It would be plain stupid, like random soldier says "hey aren't you the person who was exilled from the jedi order for joining the mandalorian wars?"


    I really cant see how they would subtly do it.

  6. When you will learn history and discover that after 1941 Wehrmacht was fully prepared to winter? You obviously don't know anything about war in the east

    and quality of soviet armies. But what do I want from an englishman? Let it be so.


    Yeah the soviet army was so good they let the germans advance hundreds of miles into russia, and clearly the russian winter had nothing to do with the germans eventual defeat. Clearly huge soviet numbers had nothing to do with it and the two front war had nothing to do with it.


    You are a master historian i accept it.

  7. Actually prussian army was obsolote in 1806 when Napolean introduced new methods of war. In 17 and 18th centuries prussian army was instant victor on european battlefields. Read history books man.


    Well that helped them in the long run after letting napoleon have his way with germany. I was referring more to when the prussian army was actually the strongest army in europe, ie after 1866


    This I doubt. Unemployment level doesn't mean that economy is in bad shape.

    Reagan modernized US economy in 1980s and the price was unemployment.

    Your frustrated nation means nothing in Europe these days and that's why you lick Bush's ass - to regain prestige by foreign invasions.


    Ah yes the Iraq war, its no wonder Germany, France and Russia were complaining when they stood to lose millions in the corrupt oil for food programme and you call Bush a criminal? Thats a good one.


    And it had nothing to do with foreign prestige, to our left wing prime minister i think that was the last thing on his mind.



    Silly argument. Its not winter that defeated german tanks and assault units. It was done by soviet tanks, planes and infantry in ruthless war. Winter only slowed down german advance in 1941.


    Iit did more than slow the germans down, it made them do a ****ing u-turn, they abandoned hundreds of miles which had been gained, you jackass, thats a bit more than "slowing them down". its not like i'm saying the russians didn't fight at all and it was all to do with the winter, but the winter was a major factor in the germans being defeated in russian territory was it the way for advances in the eastern front by the russians.

  8. Keep dreaming. Europe as a whole is just a companion to the US nowadays. If you think the UK has any real weight by itself in anything you are deluding yourself. And I tell you this as an european. But unlike you, I don't let my patriotic pride blind me.


    I didn't think any other part of europe had any patriotic pride left, since you all want to join into the one state to rival america, or atleast thats what the corrrupt government in brussels wants to do

  9. Navy true, but army? You're dreaming baby. Since 17th century prussian army was best trained most disciplined in Europe and became a light in the tunnel to every other military. English colonial redjackets may give their asses to prussian

    superiority. Beating some halfnaked savages in India or Africa doesn't make your tea-addicted army superior hehe in fact it took german army 2 months to blow your vaunted colonial army away in 1914 and so UK was forced to take massive conscription.


    You're a ****ing moron, the Prussian army was obsolete in europe until 1861-62 when Bismarck modernised it. And even then the wars leading to German unification where nearly all more to do with the weakness of Austria and France than Prussian Superiority.



    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What drugs do you use? Germany since 1950 are biggest economy in Europe and your fallen Britain since 1950 is most troubled and obsolete one. Germans are third greatest economic power after USA and Japan.

    You are really stupid. If they want to take your pitiful island to eurozone it is only to neutralize "american troyan horse" tha UK is.


    Thats some nice speculation on at the end of that, its a fact that the german levels of unemployment are much worse than Britains are at this very moment in time and its also a fact your economy is struggling for growth while Britains is growing at its fastest for decades, its only a matter of time before it overtakes you


    Hmmm there wasn't much snow and cold during battle of Kursk and Bagration offensive (that happened during warm weather). And after 1941 germans were better prepared to winter. It rather had to do with great endurance of russian soldiers and great industry USSR happened to hgave in the Ural. But please continue that el-alamein change anything and that your fallen island is centre of the world.


    Stop ballwashing the russian army, it was the russian winter that forced the germans to abandon hundreds of miles gained into russia, the fact that after 1944 the germans were stretched to the limit on BOTH fronts and even then the fact that the russians could afford to throw millions of soldiers at the germans due to sheer numbers.

  10. i can't remember one war when Britain was defated to be honest with you.

    The American independence war. That's one land war where they got their asses handed to them. And they weren't faring very well either in WWII until the US entered the war.

    Your not remembering it has probably something to do with the fact that the mainland has never been invaded since the time of the Roman Empire.


    And um, if you think your vaunted Royal Navy was in any way larger or more powerful than the Soviet navy was at its peak, you are just kidding yourself.


    Sure, british seamen are probably the best in the world, but that has nothing to do with the size or quality of the Navy itself.


    So thank you for yet another explosion of blind pride, but you should revise your facts.


    I think it had something to do with the fact that Britain had other priorites at the same time and sent a tiny force compared to what it could have. Its hard maintaining an empire you know. The ****ing Habsburg empire or any other great power at that time could have invaded America and taken it over if they felt like it, it had nothing to do with the old gung ho American crap.


    Also thanks for ignoring the rest of my post about the fact Britain is the only western european power that matters these days.

  11. I just think PC's are more versatile (and well, cost more obviously) in general and there's no mess with things like XBox Live or whatever it is (you can tell that I don't own one...).


    The good thing about consoles is that there are no system requirement options, and in KotOR's case, get the game earlier.


    I also think PC interface (ie, Keyboard/Mouse) seem more appropriate for these sorts of games.


    yeah i agree with the interface, the WASD keys and the mouse just work much better than the brick of an xbox controller for this type of game

  12. this is a bit off topic but if you noticed:



    at the end of the game at the trayus core, there seemed to be two holes in the wall at the end of each pathway, it would be cool of sion and nihilus came from those holes and were "created on malachor so to speak", that would apply to nihilus, though i am a bit confused where Sion came from, as i think Krea said he came from the Jedi Civil war not the mandalorian wars so that wouldn't make as much sense :D


  13. Why englishmen are so bad in history? Accept that your island means nothing and is a pushover to greater powers.


    Englishmen? Come to think of it i think Britain defeated germany in the air in the battle of britain and prevented an invasion which later lead the the liberation of France, i can't remember one war when Britain was defated to be honest with you. Throughout history Britain always had the strongest navy and the most effective well trained army. Its still the same today with regards to the army.


    Would love to know what all powerful country you come from, as lets face it, Germany and France don't have half the economy Britain has or the unemployment. Which may explain why they are both begging britain to join the euro bandwagon.


    And stop saying the Russian army made the biggest difference to the war, i think it had more to do with the Russian Winter

  14. i've read parts of the "leaked" script and it is to my understanding (i don't know how reliable it is as it may just be the work of some fat nerd in his bedroom but it looked pretty legit)



    Sidious just kills windu as he is superior, obi uses grevious's blaster mounted in his chest to kill him using the force to swivel it round, anakin kills dooku in cold blood after owning him, by decapitation


  15. this is probably the main gameplay problem for most people and itsa been answered about 5000 times, though i'll just do it again


    If you are using an nvidia card, add this in under [Graphics options] in the swkotor.ini file


    Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

    and save it


    If you are using an Ati card, bring up the menu in game and go to graphics and change one graphical detail, like say AA is at 4X, well then change it to 2X, apply and continue playing, the lag should be gone. However going into the menu again or re-entering from a different area will cause the lag to return, just go back to the menu and change another graphical detail, eg changing AA 2X back to AA 4X


    This may also work for the Nividia cards if the Vertex buffers didn't change anything


    I have also heard if you are using the newer catalyst drivers, try downloading the latest omega ones or rolling back to a previous version of the catalyst drivers which seems to fix the problem for many people using ATI cards

  16. yeah i got a Radeon X800 xt with the latest catalyst drivers and i get face spiking all the time, actually at the prologue with my char when he was knocked out, the skin around his mouth was gone so all you could see was this bucktooth mental patient lol


    During some cutscenes as well there was this giant pole like thing going through atton's torso which resembled a face spike


    I can't really remember spiking ever happeneing to me in the first game aside from one ocasion on my first play with the unpatched version i think it happened once or twice

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