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  1. Thank you! This issue isn't listed in the Known issues list and I'm having the same problem. No ladybugs for at least 150 days in game. Was no big deal for a while, I could work around it, but now with feathers, I can't harvest them without tier 2 axe.
  2. I still have an issue with the Dandelions near my base never respawning. All others in the game that I have come across respawn, but not the 2 right next to my base. It's like "No easy stems for you! You want stems, you gotta run far for them :P"
  3. I had this happen as well. When I ran back the Wolf Spider was stuck inside the lab - no way back in without going through the Wolf Spider. I reloaded a previous save from before he chased me into the lab to fix it.
  4. I found the same (pick below). It is just a maker for where the ant eggs spawn. I went back later and there were other eggs in that area that could be looted. But beware, even with full ant armor, you pick up an egg and the ants around WILL attack you.
  5. I am having the same issue with this one. I've been to all 5 boxes twice. Second time, I walked full circle hugging the box all around, went under/on if possible, and drank from each one. Still won't unlock. Revisiting landmarks has unlocked that mutation, but this one won't unlock.
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