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  1. Oh god xD I once had a Wolf Spider literally spawn in out of nowhere while we were clearing out the Larva cave, it was the most terrifying thing ever. One moment we're happily breaking up the Quartz clusters, the next we're all trying not to die by a wild Wolf Spider.
  2. I thought I had recorded it when I managed to not be chased for 2 seconds, so I either forgot in the panic of being chased into the lab or Xbox didn't upload it.
  3. Yesterday while playing, I went over to BURG.L to get some quests and get the Torch+ from him, I was chased by the Wolf Spider into the entrance. Now this wouldn't be an issue except for the fact the Wolf Spider actually managed to clip through the door thus allowing him into the lab where he chased me all the way down to BURG.L. I'm fairly certain that the Wolf Spider shouldn't be able to do that. The way you can reproduce this is by getting a Wolf Spider to pounce on you at the Great Oak entrance to the lab.
  4. I had this problem yesterday, my friend and I were trying to harvest it and he couldn't get it to break. I tried and at first got the same result until I crouched, it seems that perhaps the container hitbox may be a bit lower than you visually can see.
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