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  1. I've now had two ironman (Trial of Iron) runs ended after the main PC died but there were still other party members alive. The "you're dead" screen popped up and the save was wiped. My best guess is it's either caused by the dead PC being too far away from the living party members or it's something to do with fire damage as it happened one time in the drakes/bats fight in the volcano and one time in the fire naga fight (with a completely new save file, new PC, etc.) further to the northwest in that archipelago after the pc was killed by a fire trap. The easiest fix on your guys end her
  2. Interesting. It looks like that model is assuming a 1:1 ratio of dps to tanks, does it change any if you assume that there are 2 or 3 dps'ers per tank? Also I don't think it changes anything, but those deflection values seem a little odd. 46 seems a little optimistic for dps (the bb fighter has 38 at level 5) and 64 seems a little low for a tank (bb fighter does have 67 with a shield and defender activated, but he's missing 20 points of deflection he could have from better talents and another ~18 from stats). And yeah, there's some really neat looking armors inbetween plate and padde
  3. All the PotD bonuses I've seen seem to be flat. +15 acc/all defenses and +25% endurance. Don't know about the damage bonus, but I'd be really surprised if it was dynamic. And yeah, going up or down a difficulty setting is gonna change stuff, but within each difficulty, I think it's only going to get easier.
  4. Relative Creature Accuracy against PCs of the same level: * Bears are awesome, sadly someone reported a bug about this, but maybe it won't get changed for release. * If we exclude bugged creatures (bear/antelope/boar) and boss monsters (ogre/dragons), every enemy in the game falls within a narrow 10 accuracy band. * Take three more monsters off that list (shade/wurm/shadow), and every remaining same level enemy is within five accuracy of each other. * Since relative enemy accuracy never increases, every deflection bonus is essentially is making you stronger and stronger compared
  5. Is there any chance you can reproduce the combat log where a level 4 weapon and shield ranger deals 600 damage to medreth's group? That sounds like a really good build.
  6. Wild Sprint is also made worse by there now being a checkbox in the menu that gives half of its effect.
  7. Zelous Charge seems to be working fine for me. Are you sure you have the modal selected and are waiting for it to activate once combat starts? +2 move is a pretty noticable speed buff.
  8. Negative damage numbers and zero damage happens routinely with driving arrow, especially if using a low damage ranged weapon. It's possible that 'bounce' abilities/spells are not correctly rolling damage.
  9. Fair enough that they do more damage, I just find myself not really caring about tank damage, the entire rest of your party is dedicated to dealing damage and will always be better at it. Plate armor alone cuts tank dps by 30%, cautious attack by another 20%, a shield by another 10%, plus the enormous opportunity cost from not investing in damage abilities. In a game where the defense increase is exponential, those 25 points of deflection could double the amount of hits you can survive.
  10. Can you say what Tank Ranger has to recommend it? On paper, at level 4, rangers are down 5 deflection and 10 all defense to a fighter with wary defender and have traded constant recovery for an animal companion. At level 5, fighters get 15 seconds of +20 defense every fight and rangers get a +15 to AoEs, a bonus unlikely to consistently mitigate as much damage as vigorous defense. From there, it doesn't seem to get better.
  11. In game, the ability claims to do x1.2 damage, so at least one of these descriptions is wrong.
  12. I'm not sure what you're hoping to see. Plate armor provides a trivial amount of survivability for non-tanky characters, a couple of hits at most. All the other armors provide slightly less survivability. You don't really need to run the numbers to know that as long as the dps loss is significant (which it is), then trading a significant amount of dps for an insignificant amount of survivability isn't a great deal.
  13. It's an argument whether or not there are any numbers behind it. But I have this chart kicking around from the last version, and I like charts, so here, enjoy this chart. Paladins are assumed to have 5 deflection and 3 DR over fighters. Slapping the heaviest armor in the game on a wizard increases the average attacks until they die from 2.3 to 3.2. Putting plate on a tanky fighter increases their lifespan from 23 swipes to 58 swipes. Now, I'm sure you're going to say, but what about other creatures. And let me assure you, the shape doesn't change much for other creatures. B
  14. Unless the fight starts out of a cutscene, the current AI makes it trivial to make sure that only your tank is attacked. You can try it yourself, have your tank walk forward and draw aggro, then let everybody else walk up and start shooting stuff. See how long it takes for anyone else to get damaged. Even if that were ever fixed, both deflection and DR give minor boosts to surviability when you have none and increasingly larger benefits as you stack them. Characters with low defense gain little if they choose to invest in defense but lose a large amount damage.
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