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  1. I recommend anything by David Gemmell, in particular his 1st book 'Legend'. I've read a great deal of fantasy, including most of the forgotten realms books, and believe me, none of it comes close to Gemmells writing. I felt the same way upon finishing Legend as I did seeing Star Wars for the 1st time, thats how good Gemmell is. None of his later books have disappointed either
  2. Nice work Kyla ! Good luck with getting your comic published too, it would be great to see your work on the shop shelves someday...
  3. I love all your pictures Aimo, but for me the more serious themed 1s are the best. You have a real talent for making them both dramatic and touching. I hope you continue sharing your talent with us for a long time! All the best, and thanks for sharing
  4. Ditto, well the more interesting characters at least, otherwise the Ebon Hawk might get a bit crowded Also I'd like to see some lightsaber dismemberment and decapitation in the fights Bloodthirsty, I know, but it was in the films, and IMHO lightsaber fights should be mostly short and brutal unless its 2 masters squaring off against each other.
  5. Yes modern inhabitants of Iraq have nothing common with ancient Babylonians. But still Iraq is full of 6000 years old artifacts and during the war many priceless artifacts were destroyed by invading vandals from US Army (ex. first musical instrument in the world) and later Babylon itself was damaged by american soldiers and polish dogs who serve them. Americans are modern barbarians without history and significant cultural achievements. Nations of Asia nad Europe are superior to them in every aspect except military. Money and rockets doesn't make you civilized. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thats not what I read, or saw on the tv... As far as I'm aware, most of the damage (and theft) of the babylonian artifacts was done by Iraqi looters. If the American soldiers were guilty of anything in this regard, it was mostly negligence in allowing this to occur... but then they pretty much had their hands full at this time. Also while I don't condone American heavy handedness, describing them as cultureless barbarians without history seems unfair to me... I'm British, and I have American courage and sacrifice to thank for the fact that myself and the rest of Europe aren't speaking German right now.
  6. I'd have to go along with Spartans resembling Mandalorians the closest also, IMHO. Whilst martial prowess and personal honour were important in all of the ancient Greek city states, these things are what Sparta was all about, like the Mandalorians. Also Sparta used an underclass of levy soldiers (helots) from a conquered neighbour alongside their own troops, as did the Mando's, at least according to dialogue with Mira. Although the Spartans didn't raze any cities to provoke their enemies into war, personally I don't think that they would have had too much of a problem doing so... its just they didn't have to, they had plenty of enemies to fight throughout their history, and didn't need to resort to such extreme provocation to get into a rumble. The main reason I think they are so alike is that they were both doublehard!
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