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  1. But in general the longer the game takes to develope the less bugs i think are to be expected as they have time to go through the code more thoroughly and also get to impliment the most content they can. Take top games for instance like halflife and halflife 2, doom 3, homeworld, Kotor 1, X btf and similar games and many more. Im not 100% sure of the development times for the above but i think they took a long time to make and are very good games.
  2. Would have been nice to explore somewhere else on korriban like another set of ruins or perhaps a fully operational base where u had to rescue a jedi master or something. I mean cant they use a different place on a planet other than the place they used in kotor 1 i mean a planet is huge in general lol. Shouldn't have been too hard. Also a firm idea i would have thought been mint would be to have the final battle on korriban in an ancient tomb or perhaps a stronghold of the sith that is fully functional and is the head base of the sith (perhaps). Personally Obsidion should never had accepted to made a whole game as complex as a game based on Kotor witihin a year, 2.5 years minimum is what is required unless you have a very large development team and are well established. They shouldn't make more games like this if they are given such strict time limits as it spoils the game for us that buy it. Or in my case get it given as present on their birthday. Just because i didn't buy it personally my brother did and he payed alot
  3. Not sure if i have done everything there but i went to sith academy, not much to do there just look about and meet that sith bloke the rotting flesh one and then ur forced to flee cos of what old women said. Then the cave. did that did that freaky experiance didnt get much at the end and got some dark side effect twice for some reason. So is that it, if so thats pathetic as its bearly half an hour to an hour playing time there and i see no purpose to being there. Is there more palces to go or is that it, cos im very disapointed. Kotor 1 korriban was really cool with all the sith tombs to go and explore and all the sith trainees there as well to interact with. In fact ive not really met any sith apart from the ones in cloaking fields yet none with lightsabers that were plentiful in kotor 1 (in the whole game i mean). Since thats all i found there i went to dxun but if theres more let me know cos dxun seems very boring at the moment and might goto korriban if theres more to do there or some ppl to speak to there.
  4. Thats very unfortunate that they didnt include it. Very bad Obsidion very bad on you....
  5. I used to use the Return to ebon hawk option in the map menu to return to the ebon hawk to avoid long walks back to the ship. I cant seem to find the option in the map screen on kotor 2. Why is it not there, can it be obsidion left a vitally helpful option out of the game? If so why in gods earth would they do such a thing?
  6. The tip about disconecting is bogus i tryed it and it doesnt work.
  7. Im 56k as well, i thought it would patch itself (after patch downloaded via updater) instantly and be installed in like 1 min. 2 hours after u downloaded via the updater, thats rediculous.
  8. Ok when im looking at movies that are unlocked i am not that far in the game really just visited a few places, and know little about vistas (blind women u get) yet i could view her movie in the ingame movies viewing section, and a bunch of places and people i dont know. Is it right they are unlocked at my current game progress level and experience. Cos i think half of these should still be locked.
  9. The updater thats used to update the game via the game menu downloaded the update but then just did nothing for five minuites. So i went and looked for patch on kotor 2 folder, found it in temp folder, copyed it and pasted to my download patches folder where i keep all game patches (just incase), then i clicked cancel on the updater as i think it froze or somit. Anyhow so i have the 15 meg patch, now what do i do with it to install it as i tryed running the patch updater again to see if it sees the patch it downloaded and would install it, but no its simply overrighting it all the time. I think i heard of pasting it into Overide folder, i have done that and it it there ziped (as it was) and unziped but still dont think it updated it. How can i update it please? I refuse to download it again as it will just download what i have.
  10. Was playing last night and was near the combat ring where u fight, well i used master speed to exit the camp to go somewhere else. When i got to the camp exit and it transited the screen it stayed black for 4 mins or so and then crashed to desktop.
  11. Perhaps an expansion pack to include alot of the missing content perhaps and a new story to tie them in plus addition content.
  12. Which developer should do Kotor 3. Im thinking bioware but although kotor 2 had little development time if they had a full game development schedule then perhaps they could pull it off as even though they have problems and had cuts i think with a few years development and a new engine they could pull it off. Story should be multi branched so you can use different races at selection screen. Also it would be aswome to have a full on mandalorian in full battle armor as a aid. Also lol a hutt (daft to impliment but would be funny as hell). Also perhaps a yoda race character and have him fight with a sabre like yoda did in episode 2 The time period should be a few hundread years i think after kotor 2 as to let the history build up and to let the jedi and sith to grow in power and influence. But even though sith are a main enemy why not have a game where the jedi and sith are not the main players but allow your character to have the possibility to use the force but was never a pupil of the jedi or sith and like have them be discovered and say the jedi and sith detect great things in whoever gets him/her/it first so the game would be having jedi come to tempt you to the light side and to begin your training (jedi training accedmy levels) or the sith come to tempt you to dark side and be taken to koriban where they will instruct you in the ways of the force. The story can then be you have to defeat jedi or have to defeat sith depending which side you officially choose when confronted. Or how about a new enemy perhaps worst than the sith or the sith isnt a threat in the game this time but say the trade federation or somit.
  13. Shame that the kotor 1 patches dont work with kotor 2 lol. Totally different content but fixes same bugs i assume. As kotor 2 was made with 1.0 release of kotor 1 engine and whatnot.
  14. Its a bot email, meaning a email program sent you that. No emails from a LA employee. Most companies do that. Damn annoying if you ask me.
  15. i am 56k and have a daylight savin package and i dont mind downloading any sized patch well upto 100meg lol. ill just use a download accelerator program with resume ability.
  16. I think there better in kotor 2 persoanllly thought they were amazing. Just hated the choppy playback of them.
  17. Had a look on ebay and i seen some ati 9600 pro cards going between
  18. I am going to try getting a ATI radeon 9800 pro 128meg card for about
  19. Simple. I thought that it might help boost the fps a bit if i turned off eax in the ingame options. And it worked. Not a huge boost but a tiny bit smoother I think. If it works for you then great if not then nevermind.
  20. Just played Telos Swoop racing and alot of the time im floating very high from the track and cant get to the ground so I cant use the boosters. When i finally do get a break and I am on the ground for the race no matter what time I get The twelik always says i have had a tumble or somit and need to finish the race. And i have and I even got a time of 42.xx which would be 2nd place yet when i check times (top 4) i am not mentioned. Is this the swoop bug I heard so much about? If so I hope it gets fixed as I want to come first and see what i get. Going to post this bug in the bug section as well.
  21. It takes months to test a patch as usually the entire team at Oblivion have to do the patch and even then there are revisions all the time and testing to see if the bug works and if theres conflicts and more testing. And then if LA does require QA then they are testing all over again to make sure its all sorted so that takes a few more months. And then it can be released. Oh and dont forget the inital making of the patch which also takes months with the entire dev team. I am comparing patch making with other games. And I am not saying im right but its what i believe happens in most cases. Then there is sometimes the problem that publishers dont issue patches as it costs too much.
  22. AMD XP 1900+ (1.6ghz) 512DDR Crucial Branded PC2700 running @ 2100 speed due to mb Soundblaster Live 5.1 Windows XP Pro with updates but no service packs as i cant install them for some reason. Geforce 4 ti4200 64DDR with Nvidia 66.93 forceware drivers. Direct X 9.0c I post the following from a topic I made in this forum recently. * The bloke u escape the mining facility at the begining of the game is typing on thin air when u get to ebon hawk and escaping (when old women has reitred to her quaters this happens). This really is strange and woundered why it happens? * Next problem is the FMV scenes, they simply stutter and ruins the fluid motion of playing the game. Why does it happen and what can be done to fix it? * Also when ur captured on telos (at the beginign of the game after u escape the mining place at begining of game and you are in a room (after the attempted assasination). You get a call on the comm thing. You answer and you say yes and when this (long swoping neck alien thing answers the door, the door closes before it lets the alien through to talk to you so in effect your talking to a door and is really bad as the camera is not on him but the door. Is this supose to happen or what? * Also when on the Harbringer at the begining and you see the holo recordings or the captain and one of his officers there are some rendering issues near the mouth and nose. Its like the polygons have either messed up or have been flipped. Does this happen to anyone else as well? * Just played Telos Swoop racing and alot of the time im floating very high from the track and cant get to the ground so I cant use the boosters. When i finally do get a break and I am on the ground for the race no matter what time I get The twelik always says i have had a tumble or somit and need to finish the race. And i have and I even got a time of 42.xx which would be 2nd place yet when i check times (top 4) i am not mentioned. Is this the swoop bug I heard so much about? If so I hope it gets fixed as I want to come first and see what i get. Some bugs i have found after getting this game last night for my birthday off my brother. I must say even the initial release of Kotor 1 did not have as bad these problems i think. Hope they get fixed in the patch. My drivers are upto date, my dx is dx9.0c my hardware is upto reccomended levels so I shouldnt be getting any of these i feel.
  23. Just posted some bugs I have found over in the PC self help section of these forums. here
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