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  1. The bloke u escape the mining facility at the begining of the game is typing on thin air when u get to ebon hawk and escaping (when old women has reitred to her quaters this happens). This really is strange and woundered why it happens? Next problem is the FMV scenes, they simply stutter and ruins the fluid motion of playing the game. Why does it happen and what can be done to fix it? Also when ur captured on telos (at the beginign of the game after u escape the mining place at begining of game and you are in a room (after the attempted assasination). You get a call on the comm thing. You answer and you say yes and when this (long swoping neck alien thing answers the door, the door closes before it lets the alien through to talk to you so in effect your talking to a door and is really bad as the camera is not on him but the door. Is this supose to happen or what? Also when on the Harbringer at the begining and you see the holo recordings or the captain and one of his officers there are some rendering issues near the mouth and nose. Its like the polygons have either messed up or have been flipped. Does this happen to anyone else as well? Some bugs i have found after getting this game last night for my birthday off my brother. I must say even the initial release of Kotor 1 did not have as bad these problems i think. Hope they get fixed in the patch. My drivers are upto date, my dx is dx9.0c my hardware is upto reccomended levels so I shouldnt be getting any of these i feel.
  2. Hello all Kotor 2 players. I own the first Kotor and loved it and hope for more of the same with Kotor 2 when i get it. Browsed the forums a little bit and must say that there is a bit of a feeling of bashing with regards to Kotor 2 makers Obsidion with the bugs people are having and the suposed content missing. But i reserve my judgement if the players are right or not to bashing the devs untill I actually play the game myself. I am keeping my mind open and hope to have a good experiance of Kotor 2. I just hope my specs hold up as i stuggled a bit with the previous game in some sections but alot was ok. My specs are AMD xp 1900+ 512 ddr Geforce 4 TI4200 64ddr How do you think my computer will fare? I downloaded the patch just incase i have problems, I always like making sure i play the latest version of a game anyhow. Well I hope I enjoy Kotor 2 and I like to say hi to all here and hope i am welcomed here.
  3. Are you all waiting for a new patch or the patch i downloaded from the lucasarts website for Kotor 2? Im new and im getting Kotor 2 tonite off my brother as it was my birthday on 22nd. (late prezzie i know) I downloaded the Kotor 2 patch (2 meg) from lucasarts site in preperation for when i get it tonite and was woundering does it fix all the problems i have heard about? Or does it not fix all that much? Hope i can play it wihtout too much trouble.
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