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  1. Was looking forward to this, but that's okay, I can wait one year for the patched version with all DLC, and at a discount. I just hope the likely mediocre sales numbers at release won't translate to a "Single player games are dead" narrative.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I loaded the save again to reproduce the issue. I've attached the output_log.txt file from after the fact, and I also attached my DxDiag. I didn't experience anymore freezes after I managed to work around the last freezing issue, and managed to beat BoW! DxDiag.txt output_log.txt
  3. I've been having a ton of issues with area transitions that started with the Endless Queries. It'll load into the area, but after half a second or so the screen will freeze. When I first entered the Endless Queries it'd show the "cut scene" (where it gives an overview of the map) and then when I regained control it'd freeze. I can "move" the characters by clicking and hearing their responses, and I can open the menu by pressing ESC and can hear the "clicks" when I hover over buttons. I had some luck at first by tabbing out while loading the area, and managed after many freezes to get through the area. However now when I'm about to head back to the Shattered Passage from the Endless Queries, not even my work around seems to work. Playing around, trying to work around it, I put the game in fullscreen mode and tabbed out, letting the game fully load before heading in again. The game would be in Pause mode, and it seemed fine at first, but as soon as I unpause and move characters it'll freeze. Here's a save file with the issue: <Link removed, PM if save file is needed> I tried looking for a post describing a similar issue, but couldn't find one. If I missed it please direct me to it so I can see what others have to say. Thanks. EDIT: I tried unpausing and doing nothing for a bit, and that seemed to work around the freeze. If I unpause and move right away it still freezes. At least I can progress now.
  4. That the Import feature is broken is unfortunately a deal breaker for me. Guess I'm waiting a little bit longer. Hope a hotfix is coming soon.
  5. The email they sent unfortunately states:Please note, this promotion is only available on Steam If that’s a case that really sucks. I will wait for official news before I start bugging Obs to figure out something or somehow move my order. I mean, it should be possible to generate keys for gog, no? Maybe a little bit more messy that steam integration, but come on! How could isometric RPG on GoG be the lesser edition? Eric responded on Reddit and said: Unfortunately, GOG isn't set up for promotions like this the way Steam is. However, we're looking into what we can do for GOG users and hope to have something soon! Hopefully they work something out for GOG users.
  6. Would love to participate, especially just to get Cutthroat Cosmo , but since GOG users get jack, what's the point. Good luck with the hunt!
  7. Hiya Chanter experts, was hoping you could chime in on this. So, my Herald (Chanter/Paladin) just soloed the titan after my party died because the chant "Come, Come Soft Winds of Death" would constantly heal him to full Health. This can't possibly be intended, right?
  8. This will be handled individually with no strict, official "protocol". So let's take this to PM. @Everyone else who's interested in this, send me a PM. Certainly. I'll PM you. Thanks for the quick reply.
  9. Thanks for all your hard work Fluffle! I just read the e-mail, and I'm now working on my submission to the ingame backer recognition! I'm a bit curious about the potential badge upgrade. I'm quite close to the $500 mark for the gold badge (pledged $467), and I believe I donated $100ish to the Bastard campaign. How would we go on about crediting my Bastard pledge to my PoE 2 pledge?
  10. I'm expecting it to be released early 2019, but that's simply because I'd rather be pleasantly surprised if it's earlier than that, rather than being disappointed that it was delayed.
  11. At the moment I would imagine the item to be a piece of equipment for a character. I think that is what that tier is about. Anything concerning the ship is already in our funded "Build a pirate party" tier. Though I do not know to which extend we can influence the design of and the items on the ship. But let's not mix these two things Fair enough. Figured as much. Non the less, looking forward to seeing what ideas people have. I really like your Obsidian weapon suggestion.
  12. Holy moley, we got there! Awesome. Thanks all donators, and Fluffle for organizing it. I'll be pitching in another twenty towards the stretch goal. I wonder if the "Create an item" tier includes the possibility of creating items that can be used on the player ship? A Shrapnel Cannon would be pretty dope.
  13. Well, I promised I'd donate at least $100. All hail the Bastards! Now I just need to ponder over what to vote for in the polls...!
  14. Holy ****. That's awesome! Thanks so much! Guess I'm putting my money towards the Bastard crew instead!
  15. I'd happily help out with funding this, looks awesome! I got about a $100 left in my "Backing budget" for something like this.
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