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  1. He was there for me, so that's not a bug. You might just have skipped a prequesition (did you save the guy in the dungeon? Also he mentioned being there still since the necromancer died. Did you keep her alive?). I saved the prisoner and talked with the priest afterwards, receiving his gratitude. I did keep the necromancer alive, however. I guess this could be the reason for the priest's absence.
  2. Ok, I feel silly. Just after finishing this post, I was able to trigger the second vision. It took about five consecutive rests in the wild (I took advantage of Ranga's kind offering to sleep on her camp without using supplies), but I finally saw the vision, and the later dialog with Durance proceeded without hitches. Sorry for any confusions I might have caused.
  3. Just to confirm, after the 1.04 patch swapping companions out and into the party will: - Reset their character statistics (time traveled, strongest creature killed, etc.). - Delete their quickslot and inventory items (only equipped items remain). I believe this is not limited to character swaps made on Caed Nua - I have observed it on many locations (inns and others) that allow party management. This is the biggest outstanding issue after the latest patch, from my perspective.
  4. Just to confirm, there are two bugs related to this quest that persist after 1.04: - Area transitions into the Throne Room map give you a Major Reputation Loss with Gilded Vale. - The fampyr servant that escorts you to Raedric disappears after the fight. I think she was supposed to remain there and trigger a dialog where you can decide to let her join you in Caed Nua, kill her, or let her go. In addition, I believe this is also a bug: - There's no one on the Throne Room map after the fight. I believe (this is unconfirmed) that the priest of Berath should be there and have a con
  5. I am unable to trigger the second vision after patch 1.04. I tried to sleep in the wilderness as instructed, and nothing happens. I have a feeling this may be related with the companion swap bug (http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77793-bug-all-party-member-personal-stats-have-disappeared/). Since I swapped Durance for other companion and brought him back to the party, he now has "0 hours traveled" as per the character screen. If the quest is tied to time traveled with Durance (which makes sense), then I'm effectively stuck unless I pass time artificially. Another possibility is tha
  6. I can also confirm the problem persists after patch 1.04. If anything, I'm noticing even more skeletons, even though I ceased to use the related summoning invocation. Not only this is an "immersion breaker", but there are several situations where it can lock you in unintended combat (risking strange behaviors of quest triggers), not to mention it makes some battles easier as it divides the enemy teams as they chase the skeletons all over the map. I'm pretty sure it adversely affects loading times too (I got at least 3 minutes of load time on each map).
  7. Same here. I got an email from Paradox saying that they will deliver a postcard and a mousepad. No news on the rest of the items. Am I safe to assume those will come in a different delivery? On top of that, the address was truncated so it's impossible those actually get to their destination. I'm not a satisfied customer.
  8. I've got the same bug. At a given time (not sure when), skeletons of the kind summoned by "If their Bones Still Slept Under that Hill, None Can Say" started to appear in random positions in all maps, even unexplored ones. Also, summoned skeletons started to persist after combat. This has proven to be a most entertaining bug, but it kills atmosphere to enter a supposedly barren land to find it overcrowded by skeletons, or enter a villager's home and find skeletons on its ceiling. Please find the diagnostic files for a game after the bug triggered here: https://www.dropbox.co
  9. They did this, although they did it as form of Kickstarter update where they reminded people to fill their surveys. I understand. Although I meant a "push" type email outside of the regular backer updates, so that it was unmissable. Maybe they did that too and I don't remember it - my memory's not so good these days.
  10. Same here, no name. I could have sworn I had filled the survey, but apparently not - I logged in a couple of days ago and it was open. I wish I could say I don't mind, but actually I'm rather sad about this. Specially since printed material will probably never have my name. Guess my faltering self-steem needed this small recognition... For the next Kickstarter, I would recommend Obsidian: Having KS usernames appear as a default on credits for appropriate reward levels. Having a survey to allow for name changes. Sending a message to the KS email address notifying affected backers of t
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