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  1. Fallout New Seattle, New Frisco, New Chicago... whatever, Obsidian with FNV made my favorite rpg experience...I want a new one! And they made the Bethesda F3 engine workable as a legit CRPG.
  2. Unfortunately, the Open Gaming license doesn't allow you to adapt the D20 system into a computer game. So, they would have to develop a different rule set. As amusing as it would be to see Tim Cain develop a turn-based D&D 3.75 cRPG to school the Sword Coast Legends guys, they'll have to go a different direction on whatever cRPG they decide to make. Unless they've got some kind of contingency I know nothing about. Actually some people think that's not correct. There was discussion in this thread about it already. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66652-pathfinder-crpg-by-
  3. What is this? Is it illuminati? I didn't see any all seeing eyes or pyramids in the trailer. Thats a +1 for me!
  4. Don't dismiss the Pathfinder ACG. Its a one of a kind tabletop semi rpg/strategy living card game experience you might enjoy. If it weren't for the ACG I would never have gotten more into all things Pathfinder! Its a decent game and the style of play is directly influenced by the classes you choose. Also its a perfect game to play solo. I wonder what modifications they will add to the digital version... so much stuff can be done to the ACG to make it even more interesting.
  5. Yay! Me wants some Pathfinder Obsidian RPG! I really like the Golarion world. and all the diff classes rocks too! Im ok with either TB or RTwP, its all good. People forget that RTwP does offer some advantages that TB cannot... notably increments in time and more granular combat mechanics (if taken advantage of in the ruleset). But if the game were to be a rules replication of Pathfinder D20, then yeah, TB makes more sense. Maybe something like Wasteland 2/Xcom but fantasy? anyway, great news!
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