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  1. From what I've read combat is pretty hard. One way for gamers to make combat easier is to gain some xtra XP from combat to get ahead of the curve. It was always fun in Baldur's Gate or whatnot to re-start the game with previously saved characters (or bring them in) and re-tackle the game for the second time with more powerful characters so you could reach the limits of power. One easy way around this problem, but still using quest EXP, would be to have several quests become available like... "bounty on X creatures" where simply killing that creature type and recovering it's ear, on
  2. I loved the old D&D Minis game... I used to be state and nationally ranked. Best of luck with this!
  3. I do agree that it's much more fun to work with non-equal builds, like Pathfinder, than supposedly equal builds, like D&D 4.0. Gamers will work to find a way to abuse builds anyway, and in 4.0 it was NOVA builds, which weren't much fun and definitely broke solo encounters. When a GM does level design, it's important to vary the challenges... drowning, flying, foes at range or behind cover, balancing on dangerous surfaces, spells that attack various attributes from reflex to mind to physical. If that happens, classes which previously appeared to be too weak may start to shine.
  4. D&D doesn't require min-maxing... but being able to build effective and different characters in D&D is a huge draw in the game. Posting most effective builds for odd classes still draws huge interest in Pathfinder forums. Being able to min-max a class viewed as potentially less effective is a challenge that gamers like to debate and undertake. When all classes and stats are created equal, it takes away the gamer's desire to engineer advantages for themselves. D&D 4.0 saw players leave in droves because every class had roughly the same abilities called different things,
  5. I'm a huge fan of this project and unfortunately discovered it after Kickstarter was finished. The games that inspired the creation of this game are among my favorites. I'm a 40 year old professional senior designer with game design experience, and I'm not asking how I can sneak into the beta or anything I do not deserve. Based on things I'm seeing in beta videos and designer/developer videos, I have some concerns that hopefully the team may consider? 1 - I thought I saw that there was no fight experience, just quest experience. With exploration and leveling up games like this, a
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