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  1. Indeed, I completed "the coming storm" quest and Nungata was back there, I could finish her bounties.
  2. Problem happens to me too for the "The Steel Preacher" quest. Could return Vassili.
  3. As the title says. (I play in french, so I do not know the exact words in english) A quest requests you to get some coolant (or some kind of matter/product) from automaton. In the external area of Rimebound temple, there are 2 automatons at the top right corner. If you manipulate those, a fight starts. The turn by turn initiative pannel pops on them and completely hide them. Well I could reduce it a bit and do the fight, but it is not very practical.
  4. Hello, playing with Gog version (latest one - from Galaxy:, in turn by turn mode. The issue still occurs. [Edit] Tried to exit and reenter the area, talk to her then again asked Eder to remove the roots, to no avail.
  5. I'm at this quest too. First tried Katrenn, then skipped her to come back later (with the alternative of waiting for her at the west entrance). But, I got this very same problem with the imp. And, actually, when people say no AOE spell, they mean it, this includes buff spells as well. In a fight the 1st thing I do is a +might buff with Xoti. Reloaded, did not do the buff, and the guards did not aggro. I could use disintegrate from Serafen though (which is a single target spell). So, just use weapon, single target, attack (I did not try with AOE weapon attack, this may also trigger the guards) or single target spells. [Edit] For Katrenn, the automatons do AOE spells. So did her with waiting to the west up to 8PM, clicked her to start conversation, wait the automatons exit the screen, choose attack. But still, do not do any AOE spells (even buff).
  6. Hello, any luck with the game ? The patch 1.05 has been released so I suggest you redownload the complete game from gog (which is 1.05 right away). If this does help you may also try to run the game in compatibility mode (not all OS have this option). Right click on the icon -> properties (in the drop down) -> compatibility tab (top) -> then click on "Execute this program in compatibility mode for ..." and try with Windows XP (or any other). You may also change the "administrator" option at the bottom (select if it is not or unselect otherwise). Imarion PS: my mother has the same age as you, I can't imagine her playing this game or skyrim
  7. Hello, at the moment I feel like the priest spells are displayed in a bit of random order (or maybe alphabetically). That would be nice if they could be ordered by type for example. (Ex: all healing spells, then all buff spells, then all offensive spells then all debuff spells). Or even better, if the player could order them as he wishes (like for wizard spells). Imarion
  8. Thanks for the answer. Indeed I forgot to mention I play the game in french. Imarion
  9. Hello, since 1.03 there is an empty journal entry, at the 2nd position, between "Bestiary" and "Divinities". The entry is empty, but if I click it, it expands with room for 3 sub-categories. I can click them and they show up a, mostly, empty page, sometimes with few random characters. The content of the pages changes every time. I once go a link to the "stash" definition. Imarion
  10. Hello, since 1.03 when using the "weapon slot" switch in the UI, it does not switch only between the 2 available ones, but also with a 3rd one with empty hands. This is with a character with only 2 slots available and equipped. If one of the 2 slots is not equipped with any weapon (bare hands), then the game switches only between the 2. To (try to) put it more clearly. 2 available, equipped weapon slots; switch is: weapon setting 1 -> weapon setting 2 -> bare hands -> weapon setting 1 ... 2 available, weapon slots 1 equipped, 1 non equipped (bare hands); switch is: weapon setting 1 -> bare hands -> weapon setting 1 ... Imarion PS: I play the game in french.
  11. Thank you for the answer I see I have a bronze backer badge so that's fine Imarion
  12. Hello, I just pledged, so maybe not entitled to the badge. This is the first game I pledge on Kickstarter (and actually at all ). Imarion
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