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  1. Finally some concrete information. Thank you. I'm in Twin Elms, but I haven't yet gone to Burial Isle or prayed to the gods. Have I missed it? No spoilers please, yes or no is fine. And thanks.
  2. Are you playing PotD or something? Because I slaughtered him and his party in seconds on Normal.
  3. Is there more than one vision? Because I've already had one and gotten past that, as I said.
  4. I've seen other threads where people have gotten stuck on this, but I think I'm stuck at a different part. I've gotten past the step about the vision, now I'm on "continue to get to know Durance". The thing is I've been stuck there since the beginning of Act 2. Now I'm at Twin Elms already and I can't figure out how to advance the quest. I've tried talking to him numerous times, but I think I've exhausted all conversation options. Is there something that I need to do to trigger this, or have I just not gotten far enough yet? Thanks.
  5. Yeah I discovered that right after I made my post I was thinking about something along the lines of ShadowKeeper, but doing it via the console is even easier really.
  6. I've figured out how to modify stats and XP values, but I did that without really understanding the data structure of the saved game file. Adding/modifying items seems like it's going to be an incredible pain and I can't for the life of me figure out how the MobileObjects.save file is laid out. Is anyone currently working on an editor? Maybe I can help. I have some programming and RE experience, but I've never tackled something like this.
  7. In the character page it lists the defenses, but it just gives you the total number. I can't find a way to see how that number is derived. Is there a way to get a full formula for it in game? Thanks.
  8. Later meaning, once you get to the first town (Gilded Vale) you can go to the Inn and for 250 CP you can create a level 1(!) adventurer. Given that by that point you'll be level 3, it's pretty lame and useless really.
  9. The annoying thing is that travel icon appears even on map edges where there are no available zones to travel to.
  10. I had much the same problem on Hard. The issue I think is that his deflection is so high that it's nearly impossible to hit him. Since there's no way to increase accuracy there's no way to reliably overcome his deflection.
  11. Ok, so I admit I just started playing. I rolled a Fighter and I'm going sword/board and playing on Hard. I just got to Valewood and fought the three bandits that held the dwarf cook prisoner. That fight probably took over a minute. My character could barely hit the broad side of a barn. Half his hits were grazes. The enemy almost healed faster than I could do damage. The fact that I can't stack Accuracy seems incredibly broken. The only possible way I can increase it is by going 1H and dropping the shield, which incidently is an incredibly stupid mechanic. The game says that medium shields dec
  12. Will the game have a built-in launcher to handle patches, or will it rely on the distribution method (Steam, GoG) to handle updates? What about for the physical version?
  13. If I'm a KS backer with a digital copy, do I get to choose where I activate it? GoG or Steam? I assume yes, and that this is the basis of this poll, but I just wanted confirmation.
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