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  1. I've only noticed this with my cipher, mages and clerics seem to be OK. Quite a few times my Cipher will go through the whole motions of casting a spell, voice, hand waving, spell glow, only to then go back to reloading his crossbow. No spell is cast, and no focus is lost. Is this a bug or something that can just happen with this particular class?
  2. I really hope that they do. We need companies that are selling what we ask for rather than what a board of investors says we want.
  3. Think of this. I'm a redhead. If I stopped playing any game that was negative about redheads I would have missed out on a number of classics. I'm also English so have to put up with a lot of other stereotyping that is both offensive and inaccurate. That said, I know not to let it get under my skin, and enjoy the product anyway. Everyone will find things in the media that rubs them up the wrong way, you just need to develop thicker skin and move past it.
  4. What you need is to take out your bedroll - And sleep. Anything else is a luxury and entirely dependant on the environment and your dietary needs. That's true if you're just out hiking, but after getting into several battles, sustaining injuries, and not stopping to eat will leave you needing more than simply getting your head down for the night. At the very least we always see a fire burning.
  5. My brain has already trained itself to listen while reading the grey text. It took an hour or so to do it without finding it distracting, but it works.
  6. I couldn't see any way to do it in the settings, so the answer is likely no, not without modding.
  7. Just think about how much you need for a single nights camping for two people. Enough wood to burn for several hours (warmth and cooking/boiling water) which at a minimum will fill a backpack. Enough water for cooking, drinking, cleaning wounds, again you're looking at several litres/gallons. Enough food for your evening and morning meal. The tents, pots, and bedding are usually small and light, its the consumables that need replacing and bog you down.
  8. Think of the chanter as a commander unit. They specialise in propping up the team and laying down damage or summons where needed. Their optimum position is smack dab in between the front and back ranks so that the most people can benefit from their chants. So while you are right, they don't lay down down damage, or soak it up as well as others, they help everyone else do both of those things more effectively.
  9. It all depends upon how small a miniature space pig really is. If a regular miniature space pig was roughly the size of your thumb, you would want a larger breed for it to be practical, so a miniature space pig suffering from gigantism would be the answer. The better question would be how high a quality of bacon it will provide?
  10. WIfe's out tonight so this is perfect timing. Now all I need to do is occupy myself until 4
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