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  1. ...I can see it now - Bon Jovi as The Exile in front of the jedi council: It's my life....!!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah he could speak only in Bon Jovi song lyrics lol. "Darlin' you give love a bad name", or "We'll make it I swear" lol. Perhaps Jean Claude Van Damne for Mandalore? Accent might be a slight problem though, Royal
  2. DL, he has been in almost nothing else. He did have a part in "K-19: The Widowmaker" though. I don't think Bloom has the right quality for Disciple--Bloom would have too much individual star power which would end up giving more screen time to Disciple. I just don't get a very Disciple feel form Bloom either, but, his character in "Pirates" did act a little Dudley Do-Right at times--I'll have to think about that one. How about Bon Jovi for male exile? He's got force scream down lol, Royal
  3. How about Lex Shrapnel for Disciple? He was in "Thunderbirds"--not such a great film lol--ok terrible, but he did a pretty good job in it. Royal
  4. He scares me, and i don't get scared easily Well then he must be the perfect villain! Royal
  5. I could agree with them choosing the SG guy and adding Katt's voice. Lol, that would be a bit odd. It would have to b one way or the other. I do think Nick has the attitude as Silver pointed out. Flanigan has the snarky/sci-fi thing going for him. Either would be good. What about Vincent D'onofrio for Nihilus? He's great at bizarre villain roles. Royal
  6. And as for Nicky Katt looking like Atton... he really doesn't at all. His face isn't thin enough, and he looks about ten years older. Here is a pic that might be somewhat convincing... Perhaps Angela Lansbury for Kreia? Or Chris O'Donnell for Disciple? Royal
  7. Great suggestions thus far. I think Diesel would certainly make an interesting Malak, or even Sion. Nicky Katts looks enough like Atton to play him, since he does the voice anyways. Indeed. I don't have a pic of modern Nick in a sci-fi role, but here he is in a sci-fi role back in the 80's. What about Glenn Close for Kreia? Royal
  8. I think Kate Beckinsale would be a pretty good Bastilla. How about Jack Nicholson for Malak? Or maybe Ben Kingsley. or Jack, Royal
  9. I recently found an article where George Lucas was commenting about the future of Star Wars. The interviewer asked if he planned to do anything (TV or Movie)with the Knights of the Old Repoublic era. He replied he was considering it--depending on the success of the new show. I'll post a link to the article when I find it again. This is all speculation at this point, but it doesn't seem that unlikely. Who would you cast in a KOTOR II TV/Movie? This isn't just another look-a-like thread (before anyone asks lol)--cast anyone you think would be able to pull off the role--not necessarily s
  10. Lol, I've had the same issue. Whenever I hear the word "exile" I think of KOTOR II. Oh, and a player on a baseball team's last name was "Randa"--ofcourse Atton came to mind. Royal
  11. It's starting again... I will not give into the temptation!!! Yep--fortunately it is lol. About Carth--I thought Sbarge did a great job . I loved disputing with him. Carth could be somewhat of a whiner occasionally, but I htink Sbarge pulled that off as well. For the leading man role though, I think Nick Katt did a better job most of his Han Solo-esque lines came off as funny. His darkside confession was very well done too. Here is a Nick pic that strikes me as "Attonish" (if you ignore the mustache)--I'll have to start posting some Atton pics for a change soon lol.
  12. I was wondering when you were going to stop in lol. Here's another pic for Nick appreciation. I like this one because some people in "look-a-likes" thought Hilary Swank looked like one of the female Revan models. Royal
  13. The voice actress that supplied Kreia's voice was great. My personal fave is , ofcourse, Nicky Katt. Royal
  14. This thread is for pics and or comments appreciating the characters and voices of KOTOR II. (Had to find a new place to post pics after the closure of Character-look-a-likes lol) Have fun all. Royal
  15. I think coming to this forum should probably count as an addiction and it was certainly brought on by KOTOR II lol. Royal
  16. That's easy enough... according to the people on this board, it will have to be either Nicky Katt or Joe Flanigan, depending on who you talk to. Yeah you can't go wrong eith either
  17. Lol, I'm pretty sure I would never have seen "Crash and Byrnes" with Greg if it hadn't been for KOTOR II. There is a pic of it below--not exactly the best film ever made. Royal
  18. It recently ocurred to me, while watching a Greg Ellis film, that KOTOR II has brought on a distinct change in my viewing habits lol. Oh and made me a Nick Katt fan (anyone from the now defunct character look-a-like thread is well aware of that lol) Has anyone else become interested in (perhaps "obssesed" is too harsh a word) in something due to KOTOR II? Royal
  19. LOL, well I don't know about Silver, but I take mine strong. Royal
  20. Before I head out for a bit, thought it might be good to give at least a few Nick pics for the day:
  21. I'm sorry...I have to post it...even with what's at stake lol: Royal
  22. Silver, you're right, Joe never acts or looks as thuggish/mean/badass as Nicky Katt. The best I could find are a few pics form his guest-in on CSI:Miami where he played a wife beater and a couple eps of SG Atlantis: http://www.joe-flanigan.net/gallery/detail...50bda96ae1dc346 http://www.joe-flanigan.net/gallery/detail...50bda96ae1dc346 Had to post that one--jacket reminded me of Carth lol, Royal
  23. Great suggestions Royal... how do you think them up!?! Well, can't take all the credit, I think Flautus came up with it originally. Oh and to get more Joe than you know what to do with, watch Stargate Atlantis on SciFi, great show...SciFi channel should really pay me for these free plugs lol. Royal
  24. lot of the resemblance I find is more noticeable through Katt's body language. He often comes off as "Attony". Yeah, I, obviously, think Katt is the closest. He changes his appearance so frequently for films that you really have to see him in action to get the full "Atton" experience. The closest alternative anyone produced was Joe Flanigan (I think it was Flautus??). Joe sorta looks like Atton, but again, you have to see acting him to get the impression. Here's a pic: and And for the clips: I reccomend watching "Thoughtcrimes" Scooby-Doo clip: http://joe-fla
  25. Nice beach, here's a tip, if you go on a "3 hour tour" don't forget to bring an extensive wardrobe, oh and a chemistry set. Anyway, how about Ivan Green for Vandar: And for Scion, Peter Woodward: Royal
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