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  1. your portrait is perfect, and I totally agree with you, you're such a big guy!
  2. I'm glad we live in a world were the real Rance doesn't need to worry for sjw BS. ;^)
  3. People being upset with the limericks removal just imagine this: The new limerick makes fun of the people complaining about the joke in the first place, from this day to their last day, whenever they play through this game, there will be a piece of text mocking them in the game. Now shill out. my reaction to all of this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXozZ7JhTRs
  4. I find it kinda hilarious that the new limerick is making fun of the people crying about the original one. Good job guys gahahaha!
  5. I joined this thread late but I have not seen any anger directed at trans people since I joined. and also, you speak of transpeople like they are one "hivemind" or "entity", I have seen several transexuals in favor of keeping the joke in the game.
  6. You mean, criticizing speech you disagree with? Yes, that is the liberal freedom of speech. It's not criticizing if you want to enforce people to remove what they wrote. It's more then that. Anyways I don't care If not for this thread I wouldn't even see the limerick in game. I can't phantom why would this be so much of a deal. The people complaining about the joke don't have the power to force Obsidian to remove it(thank god). They are entirely within their rights to complain about something they don't like. And you are entirely in your right to disagree with them.
  7. Hey! I remember back in the day of Baldur's Gate that you could create your own voice packs for your characters. I have very fond memories of my Conan the Barbarian voice pack that I used for my main character Crom the Barbarian(original, right?) Now with Pillars of Eternity I feel that it's time for Crom to relive those glory days. Is it possible to create custom voice packs for Pillars of Eternity? Thanks.
  8. Was it, though? Because from what I've seen, people were politely pointing out their concerns, Obsidian said they were looking into it, aaand... that's pretty much it. I literally can't find anything more harsh than "this joke is vaguely tasteless, you might want to look into it". But for some reason, this prompted others to start wailing on and on about censorship and evil SJWs making mountains of molehills. Also, harrassment. Bandwagoning indeed. I don't know where you have been looking but a few days ago when this whole "controversy" was fresh I saw some pretty vile harrassment
  9. I'm not sure what your point is. Also, you should be legally forbidden from ever using the word "fallacy" until you learn what they are and why is it useful to have a working knowledge of them My poiny being that your argument didn't have on. What I replied to had no bearing on the discussion what so ever and was simply an appeal to emotion. I fully understand the wording and so far what I've seen the most is simple bandwagoning. As to trading insults, well you can surely keep doing it if you so wish. Just don't drag me into it. No, I mean, what was your point with t
  10. The joke is about trans people? When I read it I thought it was about some guy mistaking an elf guy for a woman. I guess I'm elfphobic...
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