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  1. I did have a screenshot but deleted it and it's super minor and grammatically debatable, but... the contact you have in the Luminous Bath House who helps you dress up (or down, rather!) as if you're an employee there to extract some info from some drunk woman says "hence why" and I always thought that was a big grammatical faux par. Apologies if not!
  2. Hello hello! I'm loving this game (despite running into a few bugs!) but one bug seems to have stuck over the last day or so and I fear it's too late to revert back to an earlier save (if one exists at all!). Basically I can hear a constant noise in the background on every map I'm on apart from when I'm sailing It sounds like the footsteps of a giant and it's constant, literally repeating every second, it's driving me mad! Weirdly the noise gets more pronounced when I scroll to the bottom right of the map and quieter when I'm at the top left of the map Turning down the volume of Effects Volume in the settings removes it, but ya know... not an ideal solution! Any ideas what it is / what I can do if there's anything I can do. Also - on another note Would be amazing if you added black space around the maps... sometimes it can get a little claustrophobic when fighting in a corner of a map and not being able to centre your party in the centre of your screen - especially when you're fighting in a top left corner of a map and the effects drop down menu for each enemy covers the entire combat! Cheers!
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