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  1. Err, be careful with that new driver. I DLed it for my 850XT PE and shortly after I started any games the pc would freeze for a few seconds, then a pop-up would appear telling me that my grapgics card is running at an unsafe temperature and will be limited in its clock speeds to help prevent permanent damage.
  2. I'd be anything that the ONLY reason the game was "rushed" was so it would get out on the shelves BEFORE Episode III hit theatres in order to promote the movie. Certainly not in Obsidians eyes, but in Lucas Film's / Lucas Arts' eyes: KOTOR2 = Marketing tool.
  3. Above is a quote from Mr. Morgan from another thread. Sounds like he just told you what he told us many, many weeks ago. I hope it turns out true - Ive been looking forward to this patch for quite a while, however, I won't be getting my hopes up as long as the patch continues to remain in Lucas Arts' hands
  4. 1) TM-3 or whatever that droids name is 2) HK-47 3) Canderous
  5. If you have an ATI graphics card, update it. That is supposed to help, although from what I heard it doesnt. What worked best for me is to turn the camera around and have your character run towards the screen. It takes a little bit of effort to get exactly to where you need to - just try to follow the map. Also, try to stick to the edges the best you can. Moving into the middle of the fields tends to bring the lag back, even when running towards the screen. It's certainly not a fix but it made the Datoinne part playable for me. I never tried the vertex buffer fix - sounds promis
  6. I sent my email to them....let's see if they actually reply within 48hrs like they claim.
  7. I just loaded the game up and the options menu only goes as high as eax 3
  8. If you want to kill them with Mira then when you start getting close to the assassins move closer inch by inch. If you do that you will limit the number in the area that actually attempt to attack you. Or just shoot one from far off and run back. If you have troubles with those battles then just run around as many obstacles as you can while stopping every now and then for a short time to shoot your pistols at them, then run more circles until they get far enough behind you to shoot again. It takes a while, but it's highly effective.
  9. The rebuilt entrance is on the opposite side of the destroyed one. When you cross the bridge go left and go through the previously un-openable door. The right side will take you back into the sublevels of the ruined enclave.
  10. Too easy? No. I don't see Yoda getting owned by local security in the movies, why should they be such a challenge vs Revan or the Exile? Normal fights are supposed to be fairly easy...
  11. I have anti card too and have the same problem, I had to dl the upgraded catalyst driver for it to work. I have a desktop though, not a notebook.....still might want to check for updates, though.
  12. If you are using an ATI video card then update it....they came out with two patches, the latest catalyst driver fixes the insanely annoying lag on that planet....just dont quick save there - I hear that screws it back up ;/ Also, if you turn the camera around to run towards your screen and use the map as a guide you can get thru most of that place w/o any lag.
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