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  1. The "in-game trick" only worked for 10-15 seconds before it started lagging again. Updating my drivers (ATI Radeon) worked wonders and I was able to finish the game quite wonderfully.
  2. My friend played through the game, and at the end, he was near lightside mastery despite having a Sith Marauder title.
  3. Jedi Knight by a mile. Jedi Outcast's was too bright and confusing, and you couldn't get to much of it...far too linear. KOTOR2's was far too flat, and seemed like any other city. It was also too damn CLEAN. And what was with the refugee sector? It went from an office building (Exchange) with hallways into a storage area. Uh, yeah. Jedi Knight, on the other hand, actually showed the vertical city as it's suppoed to be - VERTICAL!
  4. Upon entering Dantooine for the first time, the game proceeds to lag HORRIBLY. I mean something like 1 frame a minute. If I'm in a menu screen (either my own, or a pazaak screen, etc) the game is fine, but when I'm in the starport the game will lag horribly. My character will often shoot off across the entire "level", usually followed by him stopping and spinning around in one spot before the lag becomes so bad the game seems frozen (it's not, I can still go to the menu). I'm not getting this bug if I go to another planet (Onderon, for example). Also, in one case I managed to move my character around the back side of the Ebon Hawk in the starport - towards and past the Ithorian pazaak player - and the game was fine, but when I circled around the game lagged again. This is making the game unplayable (obviously) and I guess I COULD start at another planet (though I'd rather not), and it'd be pointless if I could do three planets only to still have Dantooine lag. Any ideas on how to fix this? I haven't tried the patch, but it had no update about this problem, and in fact seemed to only fix one problem I had (the swoop race bug) and I've heard it's made a bunch of new ones, so I haven't installed it.
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