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  1. Gwisk Glas is dropped by a Vithrack you kill for the 3rd of 4th set of Stronghold Bounties
  2. Finally killing her is soo satisfying. I'd be sad if she got easier.
  3. Great Swords The Hours of St. Rumbalt - Armory Shop in Dyrford village Swords Sheathed in Autumn - Quest `Hunter, Brother` in Hearthsong, starts with Ridai in the Passage of the six. Be honest to get the sword. Hunting Bows Lenas Êr - Quest `Hunter, Brother` in Hearthsong, starts with Ridai in the Passage of the six. Be deceptive to get the bow.
  4. Summons can also be useful to tank for a while. And returning lightning. If it hits once, her Reflex gets debuffed so hard, it becomes easy to pile on more stuff.
  5. So x is bad, x does y, hence y is bad. This argument is ... bad. So since peoples here tend to argue that grazes are redundant and that there's no benefit to them (except making things less random), I drew a picture http://i.imgur.com/VrNMCXe.png The point being, converting half of the grazes to hits and half to misses results in similar overall damage (ignoring DT). However the benefit of increasing accuracy by 1 point decreases a lot quicker than with grazes. Granted this only makes a difference for pretty low accuracy. Also, mechanically the bg2 system is pretty bad. Aaalso, ta
  6. Misses are sometimes frustrating. Attrition is always boring. Take your pick. Soo, of those 12 missses, only a few are frustrating, some of them are 'meh' and few are 'hey this is pretty damn cool'. No seriously, how does that make any sense. And some please explain how grazes lead to attriton, to me makes perfect sense. Replacing grazes with misses makes combat even longer. Instead of some damage you deal no damage. Replacing grazes with another similarly balanced system, will by definition, result in the same lengths of battles. Grazes don't make combat long
  7. I really don't understand the problem. It seems like a sound mechanic to me. Disregarding DT it makes damage increase through accuracy slope a lot nicer than with just having hits and misses. Regarding the arguments put forward I really don't get this one. Having misses instead of grazes based on deflection an accuracy makes for gameplay more reliant on skill? Assuming things were balanced nicely, I also don't get how encounters feel longer because of grazes. Instead of two grazed attacks you may have a hit and a miss (and more dt) in another system... I get exited ove
  8. I think the descriptions are somewhat vague, from what I gather it's probably one of the following: 1) Increases all damage of the picked type that's what the description on the character creation seems to imply: "Druids select a damage type that is added to any attack they use that inflicts damage of one of those types to a target" 2) adds damage of the selected type to the next auto attack (after a spell cast?) when creating a druid and hovering the icons the tooltip reads: "The druid's knowledge of the [damage type] allow him or her to inflict additional [damage type] to t
  9. [Description of the issue] I had a druid who carried two items that grant you spells - the guildmaster staff and some cloak that grants minoletta's missiles. Loading a Savegames with those items equipped caused the druid to have multiple icons for both the healing and the missile spells, he suddenly had some rogue abilities as level 2 spells. That savegame was too big to upload, so the attached file only demonstrates that the healing ability for the guildmaster staff multiplied. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Load attached savegame
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