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  1. This just happened to me for the 3rd attempt in a row in v5.0.0.0040 LAX123ABCDEFGHI[TB] -steam
  2. I attempted to play at Normal speed with End-turn-after-action enabled and this just happened to me now for the 3rd time. Screenshot of the incident attached. How do I move on from this WITHOUT console and disabled achievements?
  3. Version: v5.0.0.0040 LAX123ABCDEFGHI[TB] -steam I am playing in turn-based mode at maximum game speed with manual turn-ending. I have made two attempts at the Neriscyrlas fight in Beast of Winter. The same problem has occurred both times and has caused me to abandon and reload the fight. Both times were due to the game landing in a stuck state when a controllable character was affected by the Terrified affliction. When it is their turn, I am obviously unable to command them to perform any actions, but the End Turn button is simply greyed out with "Waiting..." and neither of my
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