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  1. It's funny, because I was just thinking that the peasant dung was spreading to the PoE forums. Which is what you'd expect to be more apt, considering that PoE is a PC exclusive in a genre generally favouring the thinking. Shush, elitist. Your place is that way -> http://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/new/
  2. It's actually pretty funny to accuse the Dark Souls series of the "CoD loop" or "AC style milking" and watching the strong reactions from the fanboys since it's usually the self-proclaimed hardcore elite crowd who tells everyone the very same every time a new CoD or AC or whatever comes out... At least you can apparently bind more than two mouse buttons now. FOUR months after release. Epic achievement in game design... Funny how you're bashing DA:I's combat, but you have an avatar of The Witcher. Witcher 2 was basically mashing mouse buttons and pressing 1 2 every now and
  3. The download is around 6GB, while the actual game takes around 18GB of space.
  4. You can start preloading now! :D Download is only 6GB
  5. No, nope. Can't pre-load yet. Gotta go to bed soonish...
  6. From what I've read Bloodborne is around 30-60 hours (it varies a lot, it also depends if you're doing any side stuff, and of course how many times you die) The Refund 1886 is the game that lasts around 3 hours, I'm glad I skipped that game.
  7. No, nope. Can't pre-load yet, let's try that again...
  8. I get the feeling you're gonna be disappointed with PoE. The only role you can play in Dark Souls is killing man. I won't be, because my conception of what an RPG can be is broad rather than narrow, which means I'm much harder to disappoint than someone who can only interpret things literally. You're not supposed to like anything else than cRPGS!!!
  9. You're having a giggle aren't you mate? No because that is not even all I bought in March. It was a really expensive month for my wallet.^^ Luckily the next one I need to play is Witcher 3 in May which i already paid so I can rest until MGSV for the most part^^ I'm getting Bloodborne tommorow... gonna be a busy week.
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