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  1. 1. Do something about Form of the Fearsome Brute, the attack animation, the look and lack of weapon, the bonuses. 2. A set or several sets of equippable items for Druid Shifters, like that belt in PoE1, hard to find or obtain, but rewarding and fun. Yea, I like transforming into stuff ._.;; 3. Longer, deeper dungeons, as was already mentioned. 4. Cosmetic Slots and/or the ability to remove/add enchantments to items such as clothing. 5. Robes, we need more, preferably with some detail if they're unique, like Huana clothing.
  2. Are all encounter changes for Veteran also in?
  3. Ryz009 requested watercolours for these in the past, id appreciate them aswell. A side-request if possible, can you make him more Pale Elf. Thanks!
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