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  1. Heavily indulging in bounties and your stronghold questline will easily be the fastest route to XP, since both can be done rather fast compared with completing a multitude of seperate quests/sidequest lines, all the while buffing out your beastiary and possible hoard of traps/locks you find on your way. That is alot of XP! Also helps in my case the bounties to be great fun [especially the backdrop to them], something they should definitely flesh out more. However if you want to build an Arcane Warrior (Proper AW, no cypher junk) you want the XP asap on a wizard! Takes lvl5/6 spells to ful
  2. Don't tempt me Fro...BAdler! Seriously amazed by this. Something that not even DAI could muster. Pfft. Bring it on!
  3. Tbh I just want the box for my collection of rpg'esk' games. As long as the key is easy to gain via whatever method you'll implement on your site I'm okay. In fact getting a GOG key is rather comforting since I'd had thought the physical game option to be bundled with a steam key & discs as is the norm. If there is a proper manual in the box win/win, get that new manual smell too!
  4. Typically play male, but if the dwarf animations are good, unlike in DA:I, female dwarves are fantastic!
  5. Pale Elf Ciper for my main playthrough Probably a Dwarf Paladin or Monk on the hardest diffuculty playthrough. I don't have any problem playing a race diminutive in physical stature if I decide to play as a brawler or thief type character. Anything else its elf or equivalent.
  6. It's looking good enough to start playing from day one, barring any cataclysmic botchups. By the time I'll be good enough and wise enough about the game mechanics/gameplay to start a proper playthrough (hard settings) it'll probably be patch two or three! So yes one here will be playing the game the first chance I get after its official release.
  7. I purchased the Boxed Version of PoE recently with a medium Obsidian t-shirt and the delivery cost to the UK is $15.
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