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  1. That's some great work! How long have you been drawing for, Sarayeva? (Off-subject- I prefer Jitsu to Judo though i think they're from the same origins (i don't just mean Japan))
  2. Well luckely, this one is! And nice work, Red Panther!
  3. Got to be the Star Forge. Mashing all those Sith out of the way! :D
  4. Got to be a brunette or black-haired! I imagine she has it long like waist length...but how would she fit it all in the hood?!
  5. Must...keep...thread...alive (This may seem kinda desperate)
  6. Nice work! I always seem to get the eyes weird somehow after like a thousand tries...
  7. Not sure if you still need this now but... http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?sh...st=30&p=323385& I did a version of some Sithlord guy who sorta fits the description. I have no idea how to draw facial hair though...
  8. Ok then...An attempt at a sithlord sort of... He's a NEW sithlord meaning he still needs to get all his new features like a freaky mask or a strange skin condition but he has the darkside line thing going for him.
  9. Nicely done! Anyone seen one with the KOTOR I party in it?
  10. What force power is that in the box that usually has Force Heal in? (on the screen shot)
  11. She was kicked Vaklu's ass though when fighting in her palace near the end of Onderon. That was fairly amusing.
  12. Played! Personally, i was lightside but i still hit the storm beast with several force lightnings and then killed it using master flurry with dual lightsabers
  13. (If only you could stick a mask on all the Sith Lords...so much easier to do) The robes are quite hard to do. All these folds and stuff. And seeing the person's frame through the robes will kinda be a challenge.
  14. I think it was Lord Satarn who said something along the lines of starting a thread for KOTOR fanart requests so this seems like a good place to put it...anyone agree? This type of thread might already exist but this is recent! Anywayz, this is meant to be the Exile who has received some departing gifts from the Mandalorians before going to Malachor V. Don't suppose anyone can do a Visas pic? (maybe without her hood!) :ph34r:
  15. Ask Aimo! Don't know about any other artist on these forums...
  16. In KOTOR I and II, you go around slaughtering tons of aliens and troops and mercs and finally kick some badass sith's butt. What if...you either: a) start off as a sith trooper or apprentice (similar to Revan being a sith but still remembering to be Sithy) and you can either continue to be evil or see the light and rebel against your masters or even better b) youthink you are under the orders of the jedi council but it is actually the Sith who are ordering you (subtly) to further their plans. Maybe killing any non-jedi who seem to be a threat to the Sith. In the end, the Sith win and the rest of the galaxy loses! Then you could have a sequel where you come back and kick their ass like normal. Would make a change from always 'saving the galaxy'
  17. Stuff a 3000 credits down that twi'lek scum's throat (on Telos Citadel Station who couldn't be persuaded to lower his price for that dancing girl) :D How could ANYONE want to kill Visas?!
  18. Whoa! There are that many types of rubber?! I just used a normal rubber for erasing mistakes. O well. I'll have a look into those types...
  19. DAEMONHUNTERS!!!!!!! Add the Inquisitors and Grey Knights to track down that daemon you release in the original campaign. Then you can catch up with him and kick his ass!
  20. Completely unrelated to Star Wars as such, but another attempt at doing faces... Not sure if this is very different face-wise.... Don't suppose the word 'daemonhunter' means anything to anyone?
  21. Right! Must refer to someone else's art to get the eyes! Can't get the damn things in the right place... Should refer to somewhere like Aimo's Galactic Theatre i suppose... Thanks for some of the 'useful' comments
  22. Good idea! The General Hotpants sketches from aimo's site are interesting. Never seen something like that before... " The sketch with male and female Revan also rocks! Keep it up!
  23. Choke everybody who has anything bad to say to you. Or even the shop keepers... Shopkeeper: That will be 4000 credits PC: Thats far too expensive Shopkeeper: Too bad PC [force choke] i find you lack of discounts disturbing
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