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  1. Y'know, I think he was getting a bit jealous of my male Exile and the Handmaiden sparring in the cargo hold... called her a Schutta and everything!
  2. Yeah, I too enjoyed the game, despite the "wtf" ending. (and yeah, I know that's not what you planned. I got my fingers crossed for the content patch, but I won't hold my breath. I understand LucasArts holds the strings.) Despite all the whining around here, I think a lot of folks did too. We whine cause we care! Well, maybe not the "U sux donkey ballz" idiots... Anyway, just thought I'd post something before you turned off the forums. Thanks.
  3. Anyway, What's this ETA? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, what the heck happened to the thread posted by Chris ??? It's disappeared (???)
  4. A well thought out post. Kotor 2 was a decent game, it had the potential to be a great game. It did not live up to that potential. That it could have, is very obvious. That it didn't, is what's so frustrating/disappointing to a lot of folks, Tarelius. You're not alone. Ah well, here's hoping for a 'fix the plot-holes' patch <sigh>
  5. That seems strange that the foreign language versions would have all these cut dialogs in them as well. Perhaps all the dialog versions were recorded at roughly the same time in the development cycle (?) Which was obviously prior to them deciding to hack n' slash the ending to get the Xbox version out for the holidays <sigh>
  6. So I take it we are trying to reach 100 pages before K2 officially hits the shelves?
  7. Agreed, my big fear is that they screwed up the storyline. Not only screwed up this storyline, but screwed over how the old characters from K1 made out. To make it a lame "Umm, everyone died" sort of a thing regardless of how I played in the 1st game is a real bad cop-out. No, I don't expect cameos from all of the old Ebon Hawk gang, but some references by some new NPC in this game to what they're doing now. (EXAMPLE: LS -- Big Z went back to his homeworld, or for DS -- Big Z got killed on the Star Forge by Revan. Something! Heck, I couldn't stand Big Z's storyline but a mention wo
  8. NO. just... no. Enough with the Skywalkers already, can't there be other powerful human variety Jedi besides a Skywalker?
  9. Well, back on topic... I don't suppose since the PC version will be delayed now, the powers that be would now reconsider additional content for the PC folks ?
  10. Thank you Akari for posting. Personally I'm not blaming this screw up on you Obsidian folks at all, it very much looks like LucasArts are the ones. Heck, they could have softened the blow a little to the PC fans, the way it was told was a bit insulting - as though the PC was an afterthought. What I don't get at all is why the international version Xbox K2 will be pushed back to then as well. They do realize that this move will probably encourage pirates, don't they? (NOTE: I am in no way endorsing piracy, just making a comment )
  11. I voted Sith Troopers, but I'll take the Imperial Guards. I loved those uniforms too.
  12. She will not make an appearance in TSL, Akari himself mentioned that in another thread. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He confirmed Juhani as not joining your party, but also said he didn't know about cameos on any of them. Maybe she'll make a cameo <shrugs> On the one hand I'd like to see them all at least make a cameo (depending on how I answer the questions) but I don't know how they'd pull it off. Be neat if they could
  13. .... Uh, Aren't you a little young kid?
  14. They looked rather lion-like at first. In the latter comics they looked a bit more human. Was there a different artist, or did the artist just decide to change the look? Feza
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