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  1. Picked the chanter was I love me some bards . Loved how you build your "songs" to have different effects but the lots and lots necromatic abilities feels a bit off? Also was hard to tell what half of them did or how long the buff effects lasted?
  2. Really enjoyed the character creation soooo many options! Music was just .... could just listen to it for days! Everything looked great, lots of small details come out from the way the different races looked, to the different nations style of dress and even the brown looked interesting/gritty. Dialog choices were interesting, varied and hard to choose! Only flaw to me was combat as .... you don't have a basic auto attach function on? I don't mind micro managing spells/abilities but basic auto attack?? Two felt odd how the fighter could take 3 Beatles to the face and his HP didn't go down but the wizard gets two shotted?! Cleric wouldn't cast spells half the time and wasn't being attacked so interrupt wasn't an issue. Already having issues picking out what spells to cast or how to cast them at lvl 5. Hope it takes a while to get there as it felt like I was playing end game Baldur Gate characters compared to BGII starting characters. Same level but way to many options and no idea what was good/bad. Otherwise enjoyed my 20 mins of play before the crashed and enjoyed the missing daughter quest a lot. Got a bit of the Game of Thrones there in my DnD.
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