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  1. Dooku hasn't changed?? He is only 25! "
  2. What we need in KOTOR III is the option to have an alien PC. I would love to play as a Trandoshan Sith since they are my favorite Star Wars species.
  3. I'd go with Mira. I just love me a firecracker! Who the heck wants a submissive female?? I would not want such a passive trait passed on to my children.
  4. We brothas got the best choices of heads. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices. Not like with Neverwinter Nights where the Canadian (Bioware) idea of a black man is a white one painted brown! :cool:
  5. Personally, I would have enjoyed a love scene with the wookie. All that silky fur against my Jedified bod. Oh, yummy!
  6. It's been a while since I've seen Hardware Wars, but wasn't there a scene where the heroes couldn't understand the Vader character? When I met Darth Nihilis in Kotor 2 and couldn't understand a damn thing he said it make me crack up laughing thinking of that HW scene.
  7. Darth Fankee Dankoo! Sorry, personal joke. I have a friend who always annoyingly writes "fankee" or "dankoo" as a reply when he means to say "thank you". Farging baby talk!
  8. One thing I really didn't get is Kreia's motivation for doing all that she did. I don't even know who she was besides being some "Darth Treya". Man, that's a corny ass darth title. Whew!
  9. I'm a little confused and maybe someone here can help me. I just finished the game for the second time yet I have no clue what just happened. It's a bit frustrating not being able to form an opinion of the game due to the fact I didn't understand it. I'm clueless about the purpose of playing Kotor 2. What was the main plot? What were the motivations of the villains? What was my motivation? Did I just get caught up in one too many conversation loops and miss the whole point of the game? I just don't get it. Explain it to me.
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