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  1. i tested it on the new game, and it work's normal, so only my save is broken.
  2. My main hero is rogue, i have 6 mechanics and i can't open a chest that need 7 mechanics or 6 and 7 Lock picks ( i have 10 lock picks in my inventory) my save (there are chest in next room) - http://sendfile.pl/pobierz/305088---n50U.html
  3. my rogue main char can open locks using mechanics, but it seams lockpiks ain't working any more
  4. but killing one bear is giving you 75 exp, so if they kill 1 before he must be small and weak ;P i think it's bug... where i can report this?
  5. just notice something on stream. if party gets 75 exp for killing bear, how is possible that they have 66/540 exp from bear bestiary progress?
  6. wow nice! Do you know if there will be a steam cards for PoE?
  7. Don't listen Zierry, i'm from Poland and i understand that for foreigners our language may be similar to russian, czech etc. so no offence was made.
  8. Mechanics is the skill that u use to pick locks/disarm traps etc. so it can be done by other clases than rogue. The main advantage of Rogue is that he is best one target DPS class in the game. There is no rogue, barbarian or monk companion in game, so it's good to chose one of them as main char ( i chose rogue, because i never play in BG/IWD as one). I hope they add 3 remain class companions in expansion. Idle companions can get exp when they do a stronghold missions for you, normal quest exp is only for main team.
  9. This may be the solution http://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing
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