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  1. Having the same problem. I never installed the old mod, so it shouldn't be related to that.
  2. It seems like the Light of the Dawnstar aura on Xoti's lantern resists ALL spells, even beneficial ones. I don't assume that this is intended behaviour. I was wondering if anyone was able to mod a quick fix, making it only resist hostile spells? I also think the scaling is kind of bonkers. Since you'll want to stack religion on her for all of her other bonuses, you'll be getting an insane amount of spell resist with that. If reducing the scaling is possible, and not too difficult, that would be a welcome change as well.
  3. Made an attempt at it. male88a_convo.pngmale88a_si.png Thanks an absolute bunch!
  4. I used it all through the first game and I found it in the PoE 1 Portraits folder. Unless I downloaded this portrait and completely forgot about it, it was in the first game.
  5. I'd love to have a watercolor version of this PoE 1 portrait that apparently didn't make it into Deadfire for some reason. Anyone up for that?
  6. I am also interested in having the blunted criticals removed from all weapons. I tried having a look at the files, but I'm too much of a chicken to go changing around in them without any experience.
  7. Minor gripe with the AI interface: Please don't exit the window when i press save. You have a handy panel that allows me to switch between the characters to set their AI, but once I set one, it closes the window...
  8. I think the art style of the world map was much nicer in the E3 demo. I like the drawn style more. I feel like a drawn cartography style map goes well with the exploration themes. For the same reason, I would prefer the character and ship to be represented by a generic explorer and ship figurine, perhaps with a base on it, so it looks like a real map with figurines standing on it. I am thinking in the style a strategical map you would see in war rooms. You know, the ones where they push there little army men across them to illustrate army movements. Having the ship be represented by a non-rotating figurine would also solve the problem I have with the ship movement feeling kind of wonky. A ship just shouldn't turn like that and I would prefer if it didn't turn at all. I also don't particularly like the little pickups. It feels weird that my party would go for a detour lasting several days, to pick up a bunch of mushrooms. If there are unique items, i think they should be presented in a vignette, where you must pass some challenge to get the item. This would make it feel like a worthwhile adventure, but be significantly easier to make than designing an entire area. It could, for example, be an abandoned temple filled with traps with a cool little item at the end, if you can pass the skill checks. These can be more or less involved depending on the item. I do like the idea of a world map, though. Makes the world feel a lot larger and will be fun to explore.
  9. In the dungeon, you find papers on the body of the Vailian expedition captain talking about how the Vailians could use the Tikiwara villagers to cleanse the luminous adra the way the Engwithans did.When you give these papers to either Nairi or Ruanu at Tikiwara it triggers some interesting dialogue. Yes, but does it say the Chief *knew* about those plans?When you show him the papers, he can't read them and doesn't believe you. Then he tells you to give him the papers. If you refuse you're forced to kill him and his guards and the entire village becomes hostile. In my playthrough he said that he had no reason to distrust me when I told him about the pages, but he still wanted to keep the papers because he didn't want rumors and panic spreading in the village. Maybe it's a reputation thing?
  10. The more I play, the more I like the penetration system. I think it's really fun to juggle penetration and reaching those thresholds on as many characters as possible. This wouldn't be as fun if the damage penalty was gradual. I like the system, but I do worry that it will be THE thing to go for in all circumstances. Like, right now, if something gives penetration or decreases enemy armor ratings, it automatically becomes top-tier.
  11. Can't you manage your party from the woman who gives the Broodmother quest?
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