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  1. Initially I was having trouble using these cheats for my character then with a little experimentation I found you need to put "Player" for the primary character not their name.
  2. Wow you can really tell the difference between the new kids of gaming and the people who backed this game due to it's Infinity Engine background. All the new kids have the typical modern attitude of " gameplay is secondary to looking good it's all about art and animation" while the BG fans are all It's a tribute game it's supposed to look old. And for *uses self control* "people" like Malignacious talking about this game "Ruining Obsidian's Reputation" because of it's graphical quality. You need to think about who the audience is for the game (in this case the major audience was fans of Infinity Engine Games) The game was advertised as a turn back to the days of BG IWD and PS:T. It would be more likely to ruin Obsidian's reputation to add all the modern features you're talking about than not because that would be false advertising conflicting with what was described on the Kickstarter and Obsidian pages. btw considering all this was in the description if you don't like that type of thing why did you back this game? or didn't you read the description?
  3. Only now found this thread I submitted Forsaken Templar of the Obsidian Order in the Survey.
  4. They might as well be. The only other nation that did any significant work was Britain and they have pretty bugged out now. Everyone else that contributed only gave token support. And this proves you've got no idea what your talking about. Australia's had forces in both regions before during AND after US involvement. Especially in Afghanistan.
  5. no comment less I start sounding like Darth Bean over there
  6. How far back are you willing to take this argument? I can name a genuine list of horrendous games that Bioware brought out before the days of BGand a rock pile of excellent games Interplay brought out.
  7. I agree Baldur's Gate isn't the gold standard for RPGs it's the Platinum Standard
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