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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Eternity Showcase Character Enrichment Thread. Perhaps one day you were walking on the street or doing whoever knows what, and thinking of the standard thing (Pillars of Eternity, of course!), and you got a really cool idea for your main character. This is the thread where you try to delve back into your memories and bring out the amazingness you dreamt up on a whim. Furthermore, if you need ideas or just want people to see the glory you have invented, then this is the place! Indeed, the Eternity Showcase Character Enrichment Thread is just that! A thread where you showcase your character to enrich them. Some of you may ask "But random guy who just made his second post, isn't PE just too young for us to start? We just don't know enough about the world!", or perhaps, the primeval, "Your thread sucks!" this may be true, but remember that the way a character is made (I.E. At the beginning of the game) no one technically knows anything about the story anyway, so any such casus belli is futile. This thread isn't only for those who have made a full character complete with a genealogy and biography to boot, but also those who just have an interesting character concept that they want to share, or perhaps a rough-around the edges character they've been using since pen and paper. Anything goes here, so long as your character isn't uber haxor l33t and all that nonsense. Nobody likes a 'perfect' character. I'm looking at you Godlike players. (I kid, I kid) So, where do we all start? I'm sure you all got your thinking caps on and your keyboards ready to be mashed with all the keyboard warrior skills you have acquired on this forum. Well, the only place TO start is to sneak off to another forum filled with PnP enthusiasts trying their hand at a virtual approach to their madness, and requisition a character template for you guys to use. It is important to reiterate that this template is entirely optional, and only serves to help you guys organize a befuddled mind in need. Some of these options aren't even available to use yet, for instance, a complete list of deities or languages is simply not present. That's fine, we'll get that as-we-go, we can do without until those are a thing. Hopefully this thread will last until PE releases, and maybe longer. Well, that's all there is to it. Let's hope we see some awesome characters and such.
  2. Moral systems in and of themselves, completely flawed in concept. First and foremost is the misplaced idea that either a good person should get rewarded for being 'good', and a evil person should be rewarded for being 'evil'. In reality, what you get rewarded on is based on the opinions of the people around you, and some people would argue that God, or their deity also plays a role in this. So Pillars of Eternity has this part right. It makes sense that there is no 'good' and there is no 'evil', in the case of a fantasy setting. I believe, myself there is an ultimate moral in real life, but in a video game setting this is thrown out the window since my religion (or most religions on Earth) are in PoE. A good person should never inherently be 'better' than a bad person, and vice versa. Some good people have good fortune, some don't. Same with evil people. This is why any sort of dogma that good is better or bad is better, or either gets better gear or rewards, is silly and futile in the conveyance of a real narrative. Unless gods come into play, which changes the game completely. Although normally the idea of 'good' is displayed by the god that you choose, but in PoE, I believe they have implied that gods are selfish and do things for their own benifit. This being the case, an ultimate morality is definitely out of the window.
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