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  1. It does kinda throw me too. Bump off a someone in real life, and you'll spend the rest of your life trying to atone (or sizzling). But the exile can kill some innocents, enslave a few twileks, and sort it all out by giving some cash to a hobo. I guess from a gameplay perspective, though, you can't take the view that one murder can only be expunged by a lifetime of good acts.
  2. You will If you choose DS Revan Kreia will tell youll Walk same Path as him helping him against some unknown threat at the outer rim that threatens the galaxy, she also says like Revan its a place where you have to abandon your loved ones to go, *sigh* and i so hoped for quality time with Visas Marr guess not :D. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Haha... sounds exactly the same as if you'd made Revan lightside.I guess galaxy saving doesn't pick and choose. Still, you'd think the galaxy could survive the exile taking a vacation, chilling out with the harem for a bit before booking it to the rim.
  3. For the lightside ending of KOTOR II, I'm curious what happens if you set a darkside Revan (though not quite curious enough to spend 30 hours finidng out). Obviously, you can't be heading to the rim to join him...
  4. I just blew up the console... that did it, and as far as I know there weren't any negative effects.
  5. There was a line in the audio trailer with Bao-Dur saying something along the lines of 'make my sacrifice matter.' Any clue what he's referring to?
  6. I haven't tried this, but I noticed the settlers wouldn't talk to you after they notice your lightsaber... I'm curious to see what would happen if you talked to them the first time, holding a vibroblade or something.
  7. I dunno... there's reasons to hope and not to hope. On the one hand, not even Lucas Arts is in the business of ticking off its customers. Pulling out the sketchy business school knowledge: fixing up the game would be adding to the 'augmented product' raising the value of the game and improving the reputation of both companies (and thus future sales). If there's enough of a response, it could actually be worth it to both companies to sick a team on the game for a week or two. On the other hand, a lot of people probably have a lower expectations of the ending. Somewhere along the lines of 'oooo... shiny.' They won't care if Atton gets his arm hacked off or not, and lets be fair; a good part of those 80,000 views are us checking back to see if there's any news. Plus there's the whole Xbox-can't-update thing. I guess we'll see. Still, though, both companies would get a lot of milage in my books by paying attention to their fans on this one.
  8. Throughout the game, there are lines about a Jedi's life being sacrifice. Kavaar says something along those lines in the enclave, that they don't fear death if their deaths serve the galaxy. I think they cross a line with regards to the exile, and their decision about the Mandalorian war, in that they're deciding to sacrifice other people, instead of themselves. I think that's the difference in ideology between them and the exile... they're concerned with the ends. The exile just makes the decision he feels is best at a given moment, and if "the future is always in motion" then that's really the best a person can do.
  9. The dialogue for getting her to agree to give it a shot. It's the one you initiate by saying she seems restless on the Hawk. There's an influence check, and if you pass, she'll agree to let you teach her to 'listen' to Nar Shadaa. Then it's just a simple matter of going where Kreia taught you to do the same thing.
  10. It's probably been mentioned before, but there's a few additional sound files from Kreia's conversation with Sion on Malachor. One in particular stood out: she suggested the exile had a choice of paths, and could choose to save his/her friends, but would be weaker for it. I'll see if I can find it again and get a directory number.
  11. It kinda bugged me that despite the fact that you're supposed to be training the party members, they never come to you for advice or anything. Really, you just make them close their eyes, wave your hands around, and watch them fail to mention their jedi status for the rest of the game. Heck, at the ritual on Duxn, Atton is almost surprised to learn he's a force adept, even if he's been playing with a lightsaber for three planets.
  12. I think I have a decent idea why they went ahead with Mira being on Malachor. When she first wakes up on Malachor, it's in the valley directly below where the Ebon Hawk had crashed. I always had figured that the exile decided to deal with Kreia alone, and not risk hurting anyone through his influence. Mira just caught on and stowed away. Bao-Dur loads the remote in a ship and sends it after him. The story makes some sense with the exile having decided to go it alone, especially when Kreia reaffirms that he won't be able to travel with companions in the future. Still, I think the game got a little too cryptic at the end. After the Telos redux it crossed the line between thought-provoking and a game of fill in the blanks. The characters deserved more than a two-line prediction of their futures.
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