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  1. Good luck Shane Piad 60 and just got Hero, Emailed support got a canned response that basically said I would get what ever they wanted to send me and that was that. Ticked Closed. Not impressed, or happy with them. They had my money long enough though.
  2. Why should they use the site that generated money to talk to the folks that gave it to them. Hoops MUST be jumped AFTER the money is raised that is.
  3. Got it, 60 bucks for the Hero edition. Thanks for the screw over Obsidian.
  4. Seems they only had 11% of a plan for how to do this. Night all, maybe they will be there in the morning.
  5. There are 2 Upgrades so I do not know if we get the full game or not.
  6. Well I paid 60 just wondering what incomplete edition they are going to let me have? Backers should at least get the full game. I mean really why should the backers expect any good will for funding the project. No warm and fuzzy feelings that is for sure.
  7. So paid 60 USD for the KS, which incomplete version are the going to one day decide to let me have, and how much more to get the full game?
  8. It happened while fighting the Death Marked under the Statue, I fought 2 The BB Fighter would not move after I pulled a single back to him fought all was well but he would not move fought when it was in range. Went on in the next ecn, the one with the Crossbow, the BB Cleric got stuck and the Dwarf is still stuck. Looks like a root or something went wrong, they will spin in place just not move. The BB Priest has a DEX of 1 atm The REF is -239 The BB Fighter a Dex of 4 REF -15 No Wounds listed Have Save if needed
  9. Made a Druid, Have no slots for ability or spells, can not see where to select spells, wizard had a book, but the Druid nothing. When I click on the portrait it just shows the weapon equipped, nothing else. I did rest to see if the option came up there it did not.
  10. The Stealth Circles stay on screen when looking at the Char Sheet, so there are lots of different color circles all over the screen for each person in the scene.
  11. Looks like a Video Driver issue or loose cable. Good Luck.
  12. I put my Bear in front of the party with formations, when I went to leave the Inn he was stuck in the door, could not reenter the inn or leave map, save did not move him so game is lost. He looks to be about 1/4 in the door. May want to be sure to move the Group away from building more. Have save if needed.
  13. When I right click party member I get a Char Sheet, but can find no way from there to get the full sheet. It can be gotten from the menu but would seem to be worthwhile from the Right Click option as well.
  14. As the email said these pop up form time to time. When I first saw it thought it was a Quest item. In full game a Missing String for the Bard would make a good Quest to Nod to the Beta.
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