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  1. Screw mechanics. I just want a separate button that says "sorcerer", so I feel special. Just... Give the wizard a new paint job or something.
  2. I voted challenge and wish fulfillment. I could post a long rant about why, but In the end it boils down to the fact that swords and magic is SO MUCH COOLER than guns and soldiers. I've thought about it for a bit, and the reasons for liking magic are obvious. I am a sorcerer, after all. Just imagine what you could do with a dnd level-one wizard in the real world. You could do anything! Swords are harder to pin down. Perhaps it's the way it looks, though I'm not convinced by my own argument here. People move a lot more and it more interesting ways when in close combat, but when you shoot a gun you just point and shoot. Perhaps it's that- the "dancing" element. But like I said, I donut that's all. More likely, it's just the culmination of my experience. I grow up reading Tolkien and playing bg, I like a fantasy setting over a modern one. We are but the culmination of our experiences, after all. Though I prefer realistic fantasy. I like magic, but it has to be explained. It don't like the Dues ex Machina "a wizard did it", and I don't like stupid fantasy. Chainmail bikinis, 2 meter saw blades as swords and inconsistent or completely absurd magic I find incredibly irritating(hello, anime). See I don't like it when the laws of physics are broken outright- just bent out of shape a little. Mage conjuring a monster out of thin air- I can deal with it. I fantasy world with complete realism is boring Superman holding up the Empire State building upside down by the radio tower- not so much. It's simply a matter of suspending disbelief. I'm nitpicking and scientific, so when I see either plot or mechanical inconsistencies or absurdities it breaks immersion for me. This generally gets me slapped in movies, but I'm going to the special hell anyway:P
  3. *BG2 SoA spoilers* Not really. For the middle half of the game you're pretty much stuck in the under dark and spellhold, and you can get very preoccupied in chapter 6. Then you're in Suldeneselar for the end. You really only have 2 and 3 to do the sidequests, and then the second half of 6 to tie up loose ends on the more powerful stuff like the so many random liches that seem to populate the Athkatla bathrooms and janitorial closets.
  4. Full voice acting would be a disaster, In my opinion. Aside from the money that could have been spent, say, making more characters or areas, It would slow down the game to much. I much prefer the first few lines(or the more important ones) voiced to get an idea of who this guy is and how he's treating me. Then I can speed through the unimportant/boring stuff. Kill the goblins, bring back the princess and collect the reward. Got it. Also, the character name cannot be voiced, but it CAN be put into the text. Seeing my name in the game(especially when it's my real name) is very immersive. Having characters intended to be close friends and such refer to me as "you there" or some way around my actual name really breaks immersion for me. It's just not necessary. I can read. I don't have to have some actor read me every word, especially if it's just some little side quest or peasants babbling that I just need to get done.
  5. Me to. (Hello!) Looks like this is gonna be great, I'll get it as soon as it comes out. I love Baldur's Gate, and still play the Enhanced Editions, so I was super excited when I heard about this, and I want to get to know the community here. I'm pretty active on the BG:EE side of things, but I'm not sure where to start here. Any suggestions for a new guy, anything I should know? (Also it says my posts need to be approved by a moderator, is this normal for a new user? I tried searching but I couldn't find anything.)
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