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  1. Yeah, post Naga Sadow, the Sith Empire pretty much disappeared from Republic history. After that it's all fledging Lords like Exar Kun etc. But even so, even Exar the self styled 'greatest Dark Lord of the Sith' never actually visited the ancient systems of the Sith Empire. I'm thinking that perhaps even after the Hyperspace War, some Sith Lord still remained in that remote part of the galaxy, and maybe in K3 one manages to be strong enough to retake the official title of Dark Lord of the Sith. Yeah, btw I managed to get a high enough influence with Hk to ask him about his former master. From that (since I was playing DS female) I got to hear about HK's opinion about Revan and his memory problems, a voice cast of Carth whinging and whining about not 'trusting anyone anymore' (since Revan went DS) and of course also of Bastila loving Revan and offering to kiss him in all the smootchy language (also DS style). And when I say voice cast, I mean real voice enactments of them (as like the Hk-50's voice cast of the Peragus maintenance officer). However, my influence still isn't high enough to ask about why Revan did not regard the Republic as a threat. HC
  2. Few people do, and I don't blame you. Those who do, unfortunately, either do not post on forums (where the majority is complaining as greywolf so conveniently puts it), or choose to keep quiet. I am just one of a few who can't keep their hands still. Majority of players would hardly be the case. A lot of people out there are SW fans, and bought the series because of such. All the more so, it is SW fans and developers who are SW fans who wished that the game would appeal more to the SW universe. After LA IS Star Wars. The integration just meant that all those extra tidbits would produce 'oooohs and ahhhhs' by the fans - though I'm afraid non-fans would've been totally confused. A mistake? Maybe to one group, but not to the other. If I heard correctly, recent TOTJ have began to elaborate on Darth Nihilus' character, and much of the story and characters was developed from TOTJ's 'Knights of the Old Republic', 'Golden Age of the Sith', 'Fall of the Sith Empire', 'Freedon Nadd Uprising', 'Dark Lords of the Sith', 'The Sith War' and 'Redemption' etc. As for Hanharr, is it so difficult to conceive a psychotic Wookie? Zaalbar's brother certainly had no honour, and Hanharr brought that to an extreme. His hatred and anger was brought to the limits during his captivity and he merely snapped. After all, all those great and noble Jedi did turn to the DS, whether or not they became Sith. Are they mentally deranged then? Come to think, some of them are. At this point, of course, I need to say that I do agree with some of your points like what happened to Mira after Hanharr and the absolutely zero use of GO-TO. That's just to prevent some from breathing down my back later. My conversation with Canderous went beyond Republic and stimulants, and I got him to the LS a bit. However, it still wasn't completed at the end since he did say he had more to tell me later about Revan. I'll understand why I couldn't speak much with HK - this is where the purpose of the influence system comes into play. I certainly wouldn't expect a DS extreme Sith Lord who wants to gut me to tell me everything if I was a LS Jedi. Put simply, polar extremes dont talk much to each other. But then again, I agree that HK was bordering on useless. The only point in him was appearing as a character from K1, and gaining XP from fixing him. Frankly speaking, I'd prefer knowing where in the galaxy is Zaalbar and M Vao, Juhani and Jolee that old fart. HC
  3. Dude! The ending couldn't have left a bigger opening than that! C'mon, even those who complained about the ending (me not one of em) knew so. You just have to open your eyes, and feel the Force....Ok ok my bad. After what Kreia said, you don't need to know what happened to all the NPCs, nor do we expect to see them again. Revan and the Exile left to fight in the Unknown Regions against the ancient Sith, and they certainly do not need burdens with them. Opening for K3? Does the sailing of the Ebon Hawk remind you of the Millennium Falcon at the end of The Empire Strikes Back? The Exile is going to do what he's going to do - and Kreia said it all. HC
  4. K3 better not be the end of it. Or else I wish to experience the following in a game of a different title: 1. Hyperspace War 2. Sith War 3. First Jedi Civil War. But given the technologies adapted for these in the graphic novels, if they do decide to make games, they should stay true. HC
  5. You'd be lucky to reach level 30. I went through everything and the only place I left was the gas chambers on Nar Shardaa with all the Gand and rodians. And I doubt that would've given me +2-3 levels worth of XP. HC
  6. Too right. There's just too few of us around here.
  7. Well, even Jedi aren't all-seeing. Vader and the Emperor were supposed to have hunted down all Jedi, but they forgot Obi-Wan and Yoda, two of the more powerful ones, not to mention others mentioned in the books/comics etc. HC
  8. Taris took too long relative to the other planets, and the lower levels stank like Raghoul dung. I liked Nar Shaarda too. I wish Coruscant and other planets like Ossus could've been in the game. Or maybe in K3. HC
  9. Look, it's everyone for themselves. I can understand why people may not like K2's ending even if I do not agree with them. You just have to view things in perspective. In making such an ending, I believe Obsidian to be extremely innovative...and brave. I do not doubt that they wouldn't have foreseen what players reactions would've been (perhaps a reason why they left the alternative ending dialogue in the files), but the fact that they went ahead with it meant something. Perhaps, the developers, like the few of us, actually believed this ending to be more suitable in its artful, melodramatic setting. HC
  10. A lot of what you posted could easily be answered if you carefully read all the dialogue options in the game. As for others, if you are an avid fan of SW, then all the material from the comics, and novels should easily answer them. Note that in the developer diaries and interviews, they admitted to fully reading every material available on SW before they made the game. Such was so that K2 would more fully represent the SW universe. As for the nebula, I'll say that's just it - a nebula like any other - probably not far from where they escaped from Malachor V. Nothing special to be deducted from. HC
  11. I read all reviews, previews, developer diaries and news, not to mention reviews by customers who played the XBox version before I bought the game. Personally, apart from the Dantooine framerate issue (which I easily fixed), nothing about the game was all that bad. We all knew the graphics engine would be the same as K1, and let us all not forget that K1's engine was a revolution that made it the best RPG of the year. I suggest rate the game as itself, and view it in relation to the storyline of A New Hope - Return of the Jedi. I can't believe that so many people lauded Battle Realms, and denounced the Wolf expansion just because it used the same graphics. To put it rashly, sometimes hypocrisy can know no bounds. It may be better to recall what shoddy graphics Tetris had, not to mention it's lack of any plot. How many customers were clamouring for K2 to be released, and how many of them would complain if Obsidian delayed or even cancelled release due to disagreements with LA? After all, as so many other enlightened posts have pointed out, this IS their first release. Let's give them a chance bfore we make any accusations. HC
  12. Earlier, after Pergasus and on route to Telos. PC: 'Maybe you'll like it back in your cell' to Atton. Han said that with a 'your Highness' to Leia in ANH. Hmmm...can't think of others off hand, but yep there were many, and so many others they could've added. e.g. 'You cannot hide forever...', 'For a thousand generations the Jedi were the guardians of peace and justice....'. 'You must feel the Force' etc. Maybe they did and I don't recall.
  13. The last site is not where you received the transmission earlier about how the Mandalorians accidentally detonated one of the proton cores. As posted above, try another site. Lots of retacing your steps here, but the last site should be closer to the exit. Good luck. HC
  14. I agree with Falconburst. End of transmission. I posted a similar post on the Obsidian vs Bioware thread a few pages earlier. The crux is we have to view (as the developers viewed) the Kotor series as akin to the original SW episodes 4, 5 and 6. In ANH, we get the happy Yavin 4 celebration - similar to the prodigal knight award in K1. We should just view K2 as the Millennium Falcon in TESB. No ending, but anticipation that K3 will deliver a ROTJ. I believe that a K3 where the setting is in the same known galaxy would be unnecessary given that we know the Lost Jedi woul form the foundation of the new Jedi generation. Therefore, it would be more fruitful to expand K3 to where Revan and/or the Exile travels with other warriors to the Unknown Regions to counter the True Sith. Does anyone still recall from K1 Korriban, where the Sith mentioned how the Sith'ari or Perfect True Sith would return? K3 may do well to expand on that. In the SW universe then for possible K3 effects, they would have two approaches. One, Revan/Exile succeeded in eliminating the True Sith threat, but at cost of their own lives, and since they were in the Unknown, the rest of the SW Universe as we know it haven't a clue what happened to them - myth and legend ending. Or two, we do know what happens, and the rest of the SW Universe (aka comics, novels etc) would just have to be adjusted to fit in the ending. Just some thoughts. Cheers, HC
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