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  1. I see that as well - especially once the spells start flying. Same stuff with me. While all battles I had on the ground were well then when I try to ship-to-ship combat it becomes insane freezing and sometimes it takes 4-5 sec between action. I really hope it'll be fixed with the patch is coming.
  2. I prefer to play on hard my first playthrough and on PotD the second one no matter wich class I choose. I like to try deference tactics while playing for the first time on hard to finding an optimal way to defence the enemies with deference set of abilities,potions,gearing,weapons e.t.c
  3. Yeah I know I mean when I click on the button(default) my character runs not walk
  4. I'm interesting about a new feature in the game accordingly to the video of playtrough highlights, so please could someone explain what is "charging" and how it works in the battle?
  5. Congrats Obsidian! And thanks a lot for all your hard work! And thank you for being!!!
  6. The original original campaign was truly awful, but otherwise I'd tend to agree. That said MotB was one of the best campaigns around. No argument here, didn't mention, because, well, that much is obvious. NWN2 original is also pretty awfull, tho MoTB was huge breakthrough. Honestly, that's some kinda tradition in some RPG's I played. Let's make a quick overview:NWN1 main campaign awfull - official addons are great, same with NWN2, Shadowrun Returns - awfull, Dragonfall/Hong-Kong - perfect, I had same hope for Divinity OS, but didn't happen... maybe DOS2 will be better. As a matter of fact,
  7. I did wood elf rogue and now he like Jarlaxle has many magical items which sometimes keep him alive:) I traveling with Aloth, Eder, Kana, Hiravias and Devil of Caroc.
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