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  1. Casting animations are totally unrelated to equipped weapon. Mental Binding has exactly the same cast time whether using a blunderbuss or a stiletto. I usually use an arbalest until I can get Leadsplitter, at which point I switch.
  2. Melee cipher is incredibly lackluster unless you REALLY know what you're doing and where/how to get the right items ASAP. Generally, a ranged Cipher will be far more useful and do far more damage. Anyways, there are three stats that open up a lot of extra dialogue option: Perception, Intelligence, Resolve. Might, Constitution, and Dexterity each open up a few dialogue options, but less than the others. Also, skills provide dialogue options, especially Lore, Stealth, and Survival. It's impossible to have every dialogue option with one character. For a Cipher with high resolve: Go with
  3. It's not the build, it's the tactics. Have tanks (typically Eder) up front to engage the assailants when combat begins. Your main character is not built to take hits, so your mistake was being in a position to get hit. Unless it's a ghost mob, if your DPSers are getting hit, you made a positioning error with the front line. Any great DPS build will go down like wet rags without a tank, just like any great tank build does minimal damage. There is no build that can do everything well, by design. Practice with formations and character ordering, and always keep the tanky characters up front.
  4. Action Speed means every spell, ability, and attack happens faster. When you have a tough fight and need to quickly crank out Slicken followed by Chill Fog followed by Miasma, a high Dex lets you get that Miasma cast before the Slicken wears off. When the Wizard is just sitting back shooting, it makes you shoot faster. Basically, DPSers want it.
  5. Could a tactics system have been implemented in PoE? Yes. Would it have made the game better? I really don't think so. First, scripting would burn through your Per Rest abilities. Second, tons of Per Encounter abilities have synergies with things from other classes, and you'd either spend hours coding your AI or have abilities used at foolish times. For instance, Flames of Devotion is probably the simplest ability in the game: Your next hit does double damage, with the added damage being of Fire type. But when should it be used? If it's a pack of easy trash, then using it ASAP i
  6. Can you make it through with the pre-generated companions.... only if you're really good at exploiting the combat system. If you were to build a custom group and give every other party member an optimal build, then definitely. That said, it's an awful build, like "makes the gods themselves weep" levels of bad.
  7. Might and Int are the twin key stats for Ciphers, though Dex is useful. My current Cipher finding Hard difficulty very easy, with the following build: Wood Elf - Old Vailia - Aristocrat Mig 18 Con 3 Dex 19 Per 9 Int 19 Res 10 If you worry about spectral mobs teleporting or casters, then drop Dex to 11 to get Con and Per to 10.
  8. My Chanter on Paths of the Damned difficulty uses an invocation in about 1/3 of the fights. On shorter fights, he barely does anything other than the relatively minimal buff/debuff/heal that comes from his chanting. On longer fights, though, his skeletons make it easy to get flanking bonuses, his ghost helps bring down hard targets, and he never ever stops being useful. Only a cipher can stay at peak utility throughout multiple battles like a chanter. The only real thing that needs changing is that some of the phrases and invocations are useless, and you can't get rid of them in any way. I'd b
  9. I have restarted Steam several times, and still can not view the achievements in the Steam client. However, I can view them on the Steam website. Also, they are unlocking properly for me. This is almost certainly a Steam client issue.
  10. I filled out the survey a while ago, and I tend to lurk rather than post. However, I decided that I want to be listed. My OOoE title is "Supreme Mathemagician of the Obsidian Order".
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