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  1. These kinds of promotions happen often and they ALWAYS end up being solved in a community effort in the forums. My guess is that after we find all codes, they will wait a few days and will then give the dlcs to everyone for free. This solves the gog issue and pissing off potential customers by telling them that they can't get something because they didn't pay attention to the game early enough, wouldn't help anyone.
  2. When it is the only instance of a gay or bisexual male character in the entire game then looking at the scene in that light is completely justified. Obviously there is nothing wrong with having gay, bisexual or effeminate villains, but when they also happen to be the only male character who isn't straight then obviously that has really negative implications. I get the feeling that if there was a game where the cast was almost all powerful female characters and the one male character was an evil, bumbling idiot you would be the first to point to his gender and call the game a shameless agenda-driven piece of work. I can see why you would consider that Witcher 2 scene problematic. I don't agree with the interpretation that its makes some kind of message about gay characters. But I can see how you could interpret it that way. I strongly disagree about the story with the hunter in the Witcher 3, though. While it is true that that story doesn't end well for anyone, it is made abundantly clear that the cause of all the misery was the homophobia of the Lord and not the homosexuality of the hunter and the lords son. Everything was pretty happy with the hunter and the lord's son together, until the lord freaked out about his sons sexuality, then his son killed himself, the hunter got banished and the lord becomes a drunk. The causality of that story has a clear moral message and it is not "Though shall not lay with men".
  3. Don't listen to the Witcher 3 stuff. The game is fantastic, easily the best modern rpg. I can't really fathom why some people would talk about banging girls in the game, there's really not much in it. There's just two romance options. I think there's one or two one-offs you can have in side-quests but I can't really remember all too well. It's a 100+ hour game so it's definetly not a focuss in the game by any stretch. The only reason why I can imagine some people having that conversation is because they didn't actually play the game and are still hung up on the cards from Witcher 1.
  4. They should have just made it a community effort. As long as the community collectively finds all codes - all people get it. That way they wouldn't have any problem with gog as it would just be a patch that everyone gets. It's basically allready a community effort if a person gives enough of a f*** to google "obsidian forum scavenger hunt" and that's always what happens when these events happen.
  5. I like longer expansions. Frequently they actually provide a better game than the base game because devs understand the tools better, and they are cause to improve the base game. However, business wise they seem to be an artifact of the past. Devs repeatedly say it would just be better to release a sequel than a long expansion. This isn't just Obsidian; HBS saw a lot more sales when they released Dragonfall standalone. I don't really think so. Both Witcher 3 Expansions did fantastically. White March didn't do very well, but it also had barely any marketing. I pay attention a lot to games news exspecially concerned with Rpgs and I only noticed its release when it suddenly popped up on steam one day. It also was a big shot in the foot to split the dlc into two parts. Not many people want to get back into such a big, complex, story-heavy dlc when they know they will have to stop half way through and wait for the second part. That stuff is just bearable in telltale style games with 1-2 hour episodes max, which can be summed up in half a minute of flash back. It doesn't really work for a big rpg expansion.
  6. To each their own I guess. To clarify: I don't think the combat is bad, it's actually quite good. But it's not why I play these types of games. So a combat focused expansions just doesn't sound exciting at all to me.
  7. If there's 3 expansion, having one more combat-focused isn't such a bad idea to me. After all, the combat is what makes this game for so many people. We'll have to see if it's extensive enough to really stay interesting. I agree that an expansion that only covers one or two zones does seem a little forgettable What People. I haven't seen many people praise the combat in Pillars. People praise the athmosphere and the story, not really the combat. Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 are RPGs that people like and praise for their combat. Pillars not so much.
  8. Not a fan of this. 2 months per dlc sounds really really fast. Like these are not going to be substantial at all. Add to that that one of them will be combat focused, not really something I want in a deep, story-focused rpg, I am not all that excited for them. I also don't believe that the sales of White March had anything to do with it's length. It's way more likely that the split into two parts was responsible. What a terrible idea. Who wants to get back into a deep, story-focused rpg, knowing that he will have to stop for a couple months halfway through. And by the time the second part came out there was barely any promotion for it. I barely noticed it and I pay a lot of attention to games, exspecially to rpgs. But there was barely anything. I only noticed it when the email came that it was out now, which I only got because I allready owned it. I find it weird that developers always want to blame the concepts behind their products. The low sales HAVE to be because it was a larger expansion. It couldn't be because they did a terrible job at marketing and releasing the large expansion. Just like how single-player games are dead. Ignore all the successfull and beloved single-player games. It has to be a general problem and can't just be that we didn't do it well. Sorry that got kindof rant-y.
  9. Same problem here. Managed to do the castle itself without problem, but left because party wasn't strong enough. Now i can't return without the game crashing. How do you attach something in this forum, i can't really find the option.
  10. I don't know why people are surprised by this. Pillars of Eternity is a pc-game after all and Germany is pretty much the PC-Stronghold in the world, with a lot more pcgamers than console gamers.
  11. What extra stuff? Noone's asking for extra stuff. What we aks for is that we get al least the same service as people that didn't back the project and made it possible in the first place. People who bough through steam are able to preload the game right now while backers still can't do it. That's not a life altering calamity, but it's still something that people have a right to be upset about. It's unfair and disresprectfull. And just because preloading isn't a big deal to you doesn't mean that it isn't a big deal for other people. Not everyone has perfect internet and a lot of people just expect to not be punished for making the game possible in the first place.
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