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Update 1.2.9 Rise of the Goblins Deck 2 and Pathfinder Adventures News.

Aarik D




Hail and well met!


A few months ago we set up a few options for additional content for Pathfinder Adventures that would leverage more of the Rise of the Runelords campaign.


We had a few choices available. It could have been another "Tale" to follow up what we were doing with Valeros (I believe the unofficial poll had Ezren in the lead to be the next adventure), a side quest hub (really popular idea internally especially since I suggested it), and a follow up Goblin Deck to Burn Everythings!


The team actually put in the infrastructure for the side quests which would have supported 25-30 one-shot missions that would have been a great retention feature BUT that opened up a new can of worms. Some examples of things that needed to be properly fleshed out were about leveling up, randomly assigning rewards, skill ups, creating those rewards, etc. The list got long but it was filled with a bunch of cool ideas.


Having just released A Fighter's Tale: Valeros we were hyped about how many more of the backgrounds we could flesh out for the Iconics with more Tales and at the same time add additional characters to be used in Rise of the Runelords. Before we started production, we looked back and saw this entire other campaign from a few months before that we put a lot of work into making its own thing. Doing two newer things didn't make sense when we could add content to a framework that was due for more.


Goblin Deck 2 was decided upon and we figured that future production would be something like Gob Deck 2 > Hub > Tale 2 > Gob Deck 3 > More Hub > Tale 3... and so forth until the Goblin campaign got wrapped up and we ran out of Iconic characters.


You'll also be able to find the update notes here


Here are some screenshots from Rise of the Goblins Deck 2!


You may have noticed I didn't mention another box set like Skull & Shackles, Wrath of the Righteous, or Mummy's Mask. Rise of the Runelords pretty much handles only content created for it and if we tried to implement Ships, higher power levels, or even curses, it would very likely bring the whole thing down. Not to mention RotR is getting to be a pretty large game that is taking up more and more memory. Adding 20-30 cards per deck is a small increment compared to adding a thousand more cards from a new boxed set. It would have had to be a sequel with all the different ways that we currently present things and going through our wish list while making a solid foundation would have taken a better part of a year.


Other features we wanted to expand on was a better use for gold which included more gold exclusive boons as well as a Stash size increases but we also had a metric ton of bugs that we had to fix. I definitely owe the awesome fan-base and folks familiar with Pathfinder Adventures for helping to explain how things work and how to deal with known issues.


So, a big "Thank you!" from the team.


However, I don't want to just talk about all the things we were working on. I think it is only fair to share what we are working on next and the answer is a very vague, "We don't know." There were plans in place to potentially even work on a Switch version that would be standalone and not require any interaction with PlayFab. It would have basically been a straight port of all of Rise of the Runelords without any of the special content we created, then we could have done DLC packs (or whatever) with the additional treasure cards and scenarios. Imagine seeing Seelah in a Princess Peach skin. (/faints) *Note: This wasn't approved to be done by anyone, this is just me typing some crazy possibilities -F*


Alas, we couldn't get the timing to work out so as not to clash with other Obsidian releases, and most of the Pathfinder team was farmed out to help with other projects while that was being determined. The danger of that is that often teams that get split up don't often reform back on their previous project because they have become essential to their current project.


Luckily for Pathfinder, we kind of broke that tradition and got the band back together for Goblin Deck 2, but we still don't know what the future holds. There are still talks going on with the publisher as to what they want us to work on but nothing concrete at this time.


Finally, if you guys had awesome customer support (besides just Aarik) it was because the actual Pathfinder team members were working to help you guys directly. We are still going to be working on some of the more serious issues directly but overall that will be transitioning to Asmodee. Take it easy on them, they know not what they asked for and aren't as familiar with PlayFab yet.


Thanks again! We aren't gone yet.


-Flounder (aka OES), MrBishop, and Rrodriguez


By proxy: Andre, Hannah, and KSmith (and of course Nathan!)

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Thanks for the update.


Can we expect it to be about 4-5 months unil we see another content update?


Will we see the other Goblin characters, Ekkie, Reepazo, Reta and Chuffy in the future?


What about Season of the Runelords?


Will there be AMA this year?


Keep up the great work.


Thanks ⚡



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Hey Thanks for the update. Can we expect it to be about 4-5 months unil we see another content update? Will we see the other Goblin characters, Ekkie, Reepazo, Reta and Chuffy in the future? What about Season of the Runelords? Will there be AMA this year? Keep up the great work. Thanks ⚡ Dunesparrow

Hey Dunesparrow!


As the blog mentions, we really aren't sure. It's up to our partnering publishers if they want to do something.

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Thanks for the Tupdate! Gameplay feels peppier, and the layout tweaks make more sense. 


I've spotted a few (very minor) graphics bugs, which I'll try and screenshot when they pop up, if no-one else beats me to it.


For myself, I feel the dev team are right to get RoR gameplay on point, rather than add loads more content, and potentially loads more bugs. The only things I'd personally like to see are keyboard shortcuts on Android (for Chromebooks and BT keyboards) and deeper team management options.


Lastly, since Asmodee are fast becoming the Disney of board games, they probably to have the capacity and appetite to support you guys going forward. I hope so.


Thanks again for looking after the players!

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This update looks great!


I'd LOVE to get my hands on it, but for that to happen - I need to ask my usual question - is there any ETA on the game arriving on GOG?  Those tentative plans that you described for Switch sound like they can easily apply to GOG as well (i.e. - they'll fit theyir "No DRM" policy) -unless I'm missing something?

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Hello, perhaps I’m missing the obvious but how do I recruit Tup in the party? I have played the game countless times on my iPad since it was released. But when I create a new goblin party (which only allows me to recruit existing goblin character cards) I have no clue what to do to recruit Tup.

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I'm slightly sad that we won't see S&S added as an extra story option akin to the goblin tale, but I do hope we get character boxes like the rogue box that adds Wu Shen or maybe something that has the S&S crew come to RotR focusing mostly on Jirelle, Lirianne, Alahazra, Selty, and Feiya. maybe introduce Jirelle as an old friend of Meri's and the rest as her crew.

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When's the next exspansion!!!! I love this game but need more occupations!!!! its been like 4 months!!!!

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Absolutely stoked about the Pathfinder Adventures Dev Blogs, especially the 1.2.9 update featuring Rise of the Goblins Deck 2! 🎲🛡️ It's like a Zerg Rush of anticipation, diving into the immersive world of Pathfinder.

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