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  1. Same, that round is so brutal. and to top things off, the scenario effect gets down right nasty while the check to beat the muscle gets crazy. I had to train up an extra party member just to beat hard, i'm scared of how bad nightmare'll be.
  2. I'm slightly sad that we won't see S&S added as an extra story option akin to the goblin tale, but I do hope we get character boxes like the rogue box that adds Wu Shen or maybe something that has the S&S crew come to RotR focusing mostly on Jirelle, Lirianne, Alahazra, Selty, and Feiya. maybe introduce Jirelle as an old friend of Meri's and the rest as her crew.
  3. thanks for the suggestion I'm wary about adding in new heroes because my current lineup is Seoni, Kyra, Meri, Valeros, and Tonte. adding in Seelah or Amiri would help, but it might also hurt by adding a 6th. was gonna try adding a Lem to support Valeros/Tonte when they were up to bat, but adding my leveled one kinda broke my AP (had to create new and import to reset it, still missing loot from not realizing what had happened) and a new Lem would require sooo much catching up.
  4. another issue with that scenario is the damage on move, its listed as combat damage but certain spells, items, and armors won't always let you negate the damage for moving. I also don't think the Muscle properly shuffles either, i've had times where all three of my non-fighters have run into the same muscle while trying to whittle down a 9 card location. also, can i just say, I hate that there's 6-8 locations that have a massive str to be henchman that is frankly impossible for some and stupid difficult for others? even for my fighters i need a good 2-3 buffs lined up to help them beat the
  5. I think its neat to "give" cards in this version of the game memory, because a videogame can obviously tell which ogrekin shuffled into a deck is the one that rolled that effect, on the other hand, it should be edited so that it can only happen once per turn so that a character can chase the monster down and finish it off, thus allowing them to close locations and such.
  6. in the "assault on the pinnacle" in the steam/pc version of the game. the buttons you click to decide loot are misclicking. if i click for items i'm hitting armor, blessings are unclickable, ect.
  7. also, i've been having this issue while playing the goblins. if i have people boost poog with blessings he'll proc it for one, then after another action, then will ask if i want to give it to another that had boosted him on the initial check. and sometimes when this happens and i happened to use a spell on the check, find traps/fire weapon. it'll break the game forcing me to "esc>return to menu>continue game when i come back, i thiiiink its auto recharged my spell instead of rolling for it, and i lose out on the other recharge for giving poog a blessing.
  8. again, the issue is occurring even when all i use is scorching ray or lightning bolt and roll low. hell, sometimes it happens when dwarven scouts or enchantresses show up and deal damage before i literally do anything
  9. If I had to guess, what you are most likely seeing is the rule: While encountering a card, each player may play no more than 1 card of each type during each step. When in a combat check, that "step" includes all of: Determine which die you’re using. Determine the difculty. Play cards and use powers that affect the check (optional). Assemble your dice. Attempt the roll. Take damage if you fail a check to defeat a monster. For example, if you use an item during your combat check, you can't use a different item's powers to reduce damage if you fail the check. except thats wrong. if say
  10. like, if nothing else, can we get a tooltip explaining why we cant use X item when it displays that lock of doom
  11. i find there's a constant problem with spells and items that read "discard this to reduce damage" just damage, it doesnt say combat damage only, or fire damage only, just damage, and they are constantly being locked out and prevented from being used as defensive gear. please fix this, its quite frustrating to never be able to use amulet of life or protection for garbage reasons that arent explainable.
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