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New Treasure Chests Cards In The Next Update!

Aarik D


Many of you discovered that a Treasure card got into our phone release, the Vermilion Rhomboid. And about eight of you figured out how to get it without opening a Treasure Chest. The secret lies within this blog... ;)




It is the first in a small series of Treasure Cards based on Azlaniti Stones. The concept of each these cards is based on Pathfinder's answer to "Ioun" Stones found in the pages of Pathfinder Chronicles: Seeker Of Secrets (which is also the source of the Wayfinder Treasure card). These cards use the pen and paper item's stats to inspire it's functionality in the card game. They mimic the low impact to equipment slots that these stones have in the RPG, and thus can be cycled back into your deck when not needed. In most cases they are some version of their corresponding pen and paper counterpart where the Cabachon gives you the Endurance feat and the Sphere adds to Intelligence overall, the cards give bonuses to related skills.




In addition, as we are working to finishing implementing Deck 5 (yeah, I said it!), we've included a cool new Rare spell for you Undead Hunters out there. This is the definitive upgrade to Deck B's awesome Holy Light spell. So many d12s for Kyra to roll!




Stay tuned for word about some super cool Halloween themed goodies coming to the game in the next few weeks! Also check out this super awesome commercial for Pathfinder Adventures!



Nathan Davis

Game Director

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Hey, why is the Sphere getting the short end of the stick? Only d6 for poor Intelligence checks? :( (while also having the the highest AD#...)

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Woah. Just eight?  It's like I'm in some kind of secret club!   ;)

Yep, me too. That's two of us. I also found it in a chest...

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