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Changes Coming to Chests

Aarik D


Hello Pathfinder Fans!


There are a ton of improvements, bugfixes, and new content coming your way soon. I wanted to take a moment to talk about a small but important change coming to the store soon.




We got a number of requests to be able to buy bulk chests more easily, so in the near future we're removing the intermediate step of buying gold first. Moving forward, Treasure Chests will be available at the following rates:

1 Chest: 500 Gold

6 Chests: $2.99

12 Chests: $4.99

50 Chests: $19.99


So if you have been accumulating horde of gold to go on a chest spree, I'd suggest you not wait much longer before spending that gold!


That all being said, the phone version is coming together amazingly! I've been playtesting the heck out of Deck 4, and I have to say that role powers are super critical against Heroic and Legendary difficulties!



(So good!)


Thanks for playing!

Nathan Davis

Game Director

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I don't get why it's a good idea to remove buying with gold altogether... It's not like people only buy chests with real money right.


Also, if I bought the season pass what do I do with the gold now? Also, why do I even bother to play the game in the higher difficulties?

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Wow, so we no longer get the 20 percent off on chest buying by accumulating 20000 gold and have to use acquired gold 500 at a time. This only benefits those using money rather than gold gotten through playing the game. That is a really huge negative for me. I understand that the developers need people to spend money, but all of a sudden the gold just got devalued by 20 percent. I just have the feeling that this one was not anything any of the players were "asking for."

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Mr. Davis, I realize that this may seem like a good way to get additional funding for development but might I suggest a better revenue strategy would be to focus on debugging in order to expand player base. I love the game but I've been on a hiatus since loosing levels and gear in quest mode. I'm looking forward to getting back to the game and it's future success. I worry this decision to pursue revinue via removing gold chest purchases will further decrease your player base.

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This change is only for chest. It sounds like daily gold and using gold for content is still in the game. It could be far worse.


I have all characters at max level in story mode (completed legendary). But until the reward bug in quest mode is fixed, I won't play my quest characters. I would have put a minor patch out a long time ago for the quest reward bug. Waiting for that fix has taken me out of the game. How many players have stopped playing temporarily and how can that be good for Obsidian?

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I know a lot of people that PLAYED this game but are not playing right now because the next scenario is a couple months late.


The new scenario is going to be released and they are going to come back and find they can't use their gold to buy chests anymore.


This is not the time to make a change like this.


Wait until you've got people's attention again not while people are in limbo waiting for the next scenario.

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So what, exactly is gold acquired through gameplay for now? There's a chance that this will backfire on OBS: if we're all refusing to buy chests with gold (because OBS have got their monetization calculations wrong and want to drive gamers to spend IRL currency instead of in game currency), we'll all accumulate gold that we'll spend on content (APs, Character Pack, whatever). Clearly this is all about money, which can't be being helped by the continued failure to release AP4. It's a bit of a smack in the teeth for those of use who have supported the game from the beginning, helping OBS get the game up to production quality (not that it's anywhere near production quality yet), now we have to pay for a feature that was the only benefit of continuing to play while we wait for AP4!


The only way that I might be persuaded to use my gold to buy chests would be if there was a feature that allowed me to buy multiple chests in one "transaction". I am not going to perform 10 transactions to buy 10 chests, one at a time.

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