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  1. I tought I had spent $25 bucks on my iPad version, but it was actually 24,93 (seriously) and only got the 10% discount (I didn't check how much I've spent before). I bought another daily gold to cross the milestone, but I can't do the "Ambassador Activation" again. Will it show up automatically, can anything be done in this case (I know it's ****ty to ask, but damn, 7 cents...) I've sent an e-mail to support with all the details and invoices I got.
  2. I don't get why it's a good idea to remove buying with gold altogether... It's not like people only buy chests with real money right. Also, if I bought the season pass what do I do with the gold now? Also, why do I even bother to play the game in the higher difficulties?
  3. I've bought the game on launch but just started playing "for real" in the last week, it's been pretty hard to remember all this stuff. I'm using screenshots to remember this sort of stuff for now...
  4. Yeah, there were even a screenshot in the blog post: http://forums.obsidian.net/blog/8/entry-194-patch-1037-and-new-features/ I was really bummed when this didn't happened...
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