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NWN2 News December 7, 2007

Rob McGinnis


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Neverwinter Nights 2 Community Update

December 7, 2007


Hello again! For this update we will talk about some changes, a custom mod and some community works.


Monty is Assimilated!

Well, more like he has come to the Dark Side.


Monty Markland has come to work for Obsidian Entertainment. "Who is this Markland guy," you ask? He was the head of the Community Modding group Rogue Dao Studios - the makers of that great Purgatorio mod we have all been watching so closely. So, to ease your fears about this change, while we fit him for his cybernetic eye and re-designate him as 110 of 110, I held Monty at gunpoint to get him to write this little message to you all:


Obsidian Entertainment is awesome.


I started working here on Monday. The past five days have been the coolest experience I've ever had. For everyone out there thinking, "It must be rad to work in the game business." I can tell you that, yes indeed, it is rad.


"Who are you and why do we care?"


Well, I've been the public face of the Planescape Trilogy project for the past 15 months. I felt like it was important to let everybody know that my arrival at Obsidian doesn't threaten the completion of Purgatorio or the rest of the Trilogy at all. There are 23 incredibly talented ladies and gentleman currently working on Purgatorio, folks such as: Kevin Chow, Scott Douglas, Johnny Taylor, Courtney Keene, Ryan Placchetti, Daniel Haas, Andrej Bartulovic, Heather Kirk, Jason Ng, Michael Cipriano, Will Sprinkel, Bruce Hayles, Matthew Roeder, Sampo Narhi, Gabor Valasek, Robert Fletcher, Atte Laitenen, Marko Radojkovic, Ryan Farnsworth, Andres Cruz, Johnny Ree, and Kris Hammes. I also continue to work on the project in my own time.


If anything, I think my working at Obsidian will make the Trilogy and the community stronger.


Rogue Dao Studios has now proven itself to be a pipeline into paid game industry jobs. This will make recruiting new talent from outside the NWN2 community an easier task. More talent working on the Planescape Trilogy will mean a better gaming experience for everyone. New talent joining the NWN2 community will be a win for everybody involved.


I've been bullish about NWN2 since its release. I'm bullish about NWN2 now. I'm bullish on the Toolset. I'm bullish about Mysteries of Westgate. I think Mask of the Betrayer demonstrated the true potential of Neverwinter Nights 2 and I think even more exciting things will be revealed in the future.


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

That really seems like his writing, right? Cool.


We welcome Monty to the hive and look forward to the food he brings us.


Harp & Chrysanthemum - A Custom Module by Maerduin


Harp & Chrysanthemum is a custom mod created by Maerduin. While you are reading his summary below, you can start downloading the mod here.


The story begins in Drawn Swords, a tiny settlement on a crag between the Backlands and Sunset Vale. You had come here with Vroman Horner, an amiable treasure-hunter of about one year


Recommended Comments

Awesome news on the patch front. It will be nice to see patches more often, even if they are smaller.


Thanks for keeping the community updated!

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Good news on the "Eliminate the errors caused by transitioning with familiars summoned." bug.


I've been struggling all week to get Dark Waters 2 ready for release. People started to report random crashes and we nailed it down to when a companion in the party had an animal companion summoned and a module transition occurs. It seemed to only happen with MotB as well.


I may just add in a workaround where I unsummon the creature before each module transition.

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Yippee! When have I seen such commentary? We got Monty (congrats on the new position!) posting about Purgatorio, We get PipBoy3000 talking about DW2 (nice to hear from you) and all this other cool stuff being worked into the mix.


Deep Snow looks excellent and I cannot wait to try it out and see what can be done with it.


I hope Kaycei continues with those hairstyles, because that was an awesome piece of work! (Take note Obs, that the stuff we like to see...)


As to the more aggressive patch schedule, Great News!


Rob, I know you're working hard and I applaud you and all the Devs. Keep us in the loop, baby and all will be right with the world.


best regards,


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Great news here.

Be it the hair hak, the AddEncounters area, new patch process... and Monty making it in, everything is great.

This blog is happiness in a can, Rob.

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Hey, very nice Community Update, Rob. It is always a pleasure to hear news about the future of NWN2, and this is a goodly bag of swag for certain.


Congratulations to Monty on realizing what is a dream to many folks. We're all going to benefit from this. Way to go.


Lot's of nifty things to glom onto from the Community. Nice to see them recognized and given a bit of a spotlight. But the single most exciting part of this Update is the news about the patching process. This purposed exchange of information will help so much to build an involved community, and both sides will gain new visions and ideas from it. While it is understood that no timetable can be concrete regarding content or release dates, at the very least folks can now keep looking to the future, and to a better, funner, and more perfected NWN2.





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The faster updates sound interesting.


The past weeks have been to quit and regular updates will bring more live into the comunity.


From my PW expiriens can I say that is't often not so important how much an update adds to the module.

Alone the fact that the module grows makes the player happy.


And I think the same is valid of NWN2.


So faster updates , more blog entries, more rumors on the forum ... this all helps :)






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What a truly great day this is. Its a real turning point for NWN2, hopefully we are entereing a new ear of communication which will remove the generally low moral that exists within the community.


Great job Rob, I hope it makes your life a little easier too.

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Congrats Monty and the patch 1.12 looks great! That hair is incredible too, didn't realize you could do hairstyles that like.

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Congrats Monty and the patch 1.12 looks great! That hair is incredible too, didn't realize you could do hairstyles that like.


Thanks! 1.12 does look awesome and so does that hair. Great looking hair is tricky.

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Congrats Monty! You all are doing a great job and it's a pleasure being a part of the community! Can't wait to see what's in store! :thumbsup:


It's such a dynamic game, and with all the great people involved, it can only get better!


Here's to an awesome 2008!


Happy holidays!



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