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    Anything that the Universe can contain has at the minimum, a passing interest to me. My major hobbies are studying the Universe around me, simulations and games to better comprehend the virtual reality in which we curently reside. Other than that, I like to covertly mess with the minds of all those I don't currently control. You are on my list...
  1. It was mentioned at the end of the Blog report that accusations of plagiarism were so rampant that it made judging the contest impossible and was thus cancelled. That one issue, with all it entails and implies saddens me for the sake of the Community. Once the accusations get thrown out there, justified or not, the doubt and mistrust it engenders are never of any benefit to the Community as a whole. So I am sorry to hear what could have been a great showcase of talent ended in such a way. Whoever is truly responsible for this (and you know who you are,) in any way, may you repent and chang
  2. Actually I have experimented a bit with trees and their seed values. I have several areas that I created with massive amounts of trees and with a very wide array of seed values for them. In general, I have made 4 medium sized areas 16x12, 8x14, 12x12 & 8x32 and just absolutely loaded them down with a variety of trees/plants and seed values for same. In each area I used approximately 12 different Tree types, each with varying seed values approaching 12 seeds per tree type. This means that in some of these areas, I have 12x12 types of unique trees according to the specifications list
  3. Agreed. This one thing would make all the difference in making forests, or even simple tree lined streets. I know there's magic and all, but I just don't see the wizards of NeverWinter spending the time (nor the merchant class spending the gold) to have all the trees look exactly the same. So, I suppose I would vote to have this too as it's frustrated me as well. regards, dunniteowl
  4. I like that there is a lot of green on that list. Bodes well for the future. I have yet to feel that my faith in the Developers has been out of place. This once again establishes that while not perfect, you are always moving ahead. Now if we could only get that Max 9 Expotron, A VFX Editor Guide and a few other things while you're at it and we'd be able to at least call you demigods. regards, dunniteowl
  5. Just off the Cuff here... I read with interest your post about critical thinking and there is much merit to the concept of actually using it. My personal experience has been that many people can apply critical thinking to problems when confronted with them in a slower, less than in your face way (which games can generally present to you without actual life or death being involved...) and that this experience can lead to being a better solutions oriented type of mentality when things occur that are more in-your-face in the moment. AS applied to gaming, I think it's possible to spot n
  6. Yippee! When have I seen such commentary? We got Monty (congrats on the new position!) posting about Purgatorio, We get PipBoy3000 talking about DW2 (nice to hear from you) and all this other cool stuff being worked into the mix. Deep Snow looks excellent and I cannot wait to try it out and see what can be done with it. I hope Kaycei continues with those hairstyles, because that was an awesome piece of work! (Take note Obs, that the stuff we like to see...) As to the more aggressive patch schedule, Great News! Rob, I know you're working hard and I applaud you and all th
  7. The farthest I've gotten is staring at it at my local Wal-Mart and looking into my empty mailbox for it. Boo Hoo. best regards, dunniteowl
  8. Great interview, Rob. Short and sweet. I gotta tell you, this blogging you do is the one that keeps my interest level up. As a site resource, this blog is the bomb. I have to re-update my links at the Citadel to keep up with these developments. Thanks for keeping the Community aware, Rob. best regards, dunniteowl Admin/Moderator NeverWinter Citadel Project Moderator NWN2 Forums for Obsidian @ Bioware Community Representative
  9. Thanks for the opportunity to spread the word of the Citadel, Rob. I only hope that I have done proper justice to the site. It was an honor to be asked to write up something for your blog and I also hope that I did your blog justice as well. The writer's perennial concern -- was it the very best I could do? Of course, for all you that read the blogs, I take that same level of concern with the Citadel. Thank you, once again, Rob, for the wonderful opportunity. And thanks to all the members of the Citadel who make Admining and Moderating the site a thing of joy for me. My Ve
  10. All I can say is that I am glad that I can hold my breath for extended periods of time. I am just waiting to get MoB as well as being able to download some of this amazing content from our Community members in this week's blog and others. My Snap and Stack Placeables concept is apparently something others like too. Great, it keeps me from having to feel pressured to create them first. And that saves me a huge amount of work. Thanks all of you that are building more and more varied placeables for use in the game. You are my heroes! Thanks for the reports, Rob, I look forward to
  11. [rant]I wonder how much gasoline there'd be in a metal can hidden away for FIFTY YEARS, don't you? As to Americans and bigotry, you'd be hard pressed to find any country that doesn't look down on America in one way another, including America. Note my location. I am from the USA and my own country and it's people are amazing to me. Like I said, land of contradictions and strange juxtapositions. I never said putting a can of gasoline in there was stupid, I didn't even imply it. There is a lot of common everyday sense to some things people do, even if the next things coming out of their mou
  12. Weapon degradation is a tricky subject to "get right". I mean, after all, most of the times in a reality based situation, you find out something is no longer working when you attempt to use it, not during a simple equipment check back where all the parts or replacements are handy, right? It's like getting a flat tire, there isn't really a good time or place to have one, but if it occurs overnight in your garage, it's a lot more manageable. It would be nice to know that, in order for your guns to keep working properly, you had to click a box that said you were going to clean and oil it wh
  13. I would just like to add after reading the article in question sideways sort of, that I stand corrected and from here on out, I will not say that I wouldn't say those aren't in-game shots. As to grapic technical excellence, I still disagree, they look great and just because they don't push the envelope of polygons and voxels doesn't mean they won't knock your socks off when viewing them in while playing. I read a little tid bit about depth of field focus that caught my eye. I am not going to worry about the Fat-Man nuclear catapult as an issue, or nuclear powered engines in cars -- it's 80
  14. Uh, no... The graphics are only slightly better than Oblivion (which was an early 06 game, and was impressive for it's time) and it's going to come out at the end of 2008, that's a year and a half away. And this is coming from a studio that always had cutting edge tech when they're game is released. While the art direction looks superb, the actual graphics aren't anything all that special now, and won't be especially when it's released. If anything, it's going to look better, not worse later. Go look at something like Crysis or Mass Effect, then look at Fallout 3. It's not even close to C
  15. Graci, signore, graci. Will do. dunniteowl
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