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[Android] Lost all purchases, characters, and progress when Google Play account changed. How can i change back?

ez android play.store

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This should be a simple fix, hopefully i get an answer:


My wifi went spotty when playing at a hotel, and i couldnt link to playstore. somehow it kept retrying, eventually i reconnected but on another google account (maybe my fault of hitting hte screen inadvertently? doubt it but no other explanation).


No matter. The point is: the wrong Google Play Games account is selected - all my purchases, progresses (and daily $gold$) is on another account.


For the life of me i cant figure out how to change it back.




If a mod does post an answer to this, can the mod ping my email alerting me there's been a reply?




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Referencing back to another recent thread: [Lost purchases, gold and chests since installing on my new phone]  


If you are absolutely sure that you are logged into the correct Google Play account , there is no user-side answer to this.  You will need to contact Obsidian support (support@obsidian.net).  


Let them know your current username and PFID, and as much as you might remember about your previous username/PFID, and they should be able to restore the content to your active account



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This may help you. Click on no 1 first then on no 2. Repeat to relog.

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