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POE difficulty then and now

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Do you remember guys when hard and easy difficulty was swapped? That were the times. Since then I rarely played, up until recently.



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I only play Triple Crown so this is coming from someone with game and difficulty experience. At release all enemies could be CCed and had no immunities. Now things are immune and Dragons are much harder for that reason. Also enemy AI hits harder since PER gave ACC bonuses and you are easier to hit as you can't stack deflection with PER and Resolve. Lastly, many enemies were given the AI to look for low DR low deflection party members so you can't build meat sank tanks that are worthless offensively. This makes your tanks better offensively but even worse defensively. It's harder IMO.

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I'm playing again after long hiatus.  I don't see any noticeable difference on PotD, but it's early game so I guess I'll find out.  I don't play TC or solo and as I usually go full offensive party without any shield or regard for safety I just feel I get hit the same....and my monk wants to get hit anyway :).


The biggest hurdle for me when I started playing and going to PotD difficulty was understanding the game system, I just wanted to blast and slash anything in my path and thought that stacking deflection was going to save me.


When you learn the values of buffs and debuffs then PotD isn't that difficult and when you know about the tough fights and where the items are then it gets even easier.



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The problem isn't whether higher difficulties are adequately difficult; it seems rather the problem is that the difficulty progress within a playthrough is inverse to what it should be: The late-game talents and late-game gear make the late-game too easy. And the choice to drop a non-continuation DLC made the problem much worse. It really ruined the game for me to some extent.

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