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This is just a sketch.

Was thinking about old style healer.


Classes: Templar Shieldbearer of st Elega Priest of Eothas

Idea: Tank with small/tower shield, throw some buffs, have alot of heals, including fast ones. When bored summon pillar of fire from Priest to gain Virtuos Tryumpf. Could throw decent amount of buffs (care less about Power Level) or blind enemies.



Int 18 very important buffs

Mig 15 heals

Res 13 need some, probably

Per 12 Nice to have

Con, Dex cant dump



Natur godlike, natural synergy with easy migh but could be nerfed

Moon Godlike, more heals

Pale elf (elemental defense), Mountain Dwafr/WoodElf/Hearth Orlan (resistances)


Weapons: Small Shield (offensive) Tower Shield (defensive) Flail


Priest Spells: Pick one more per level, it is not like we could cast more than 2. At each level need 1 spell "I am totally going to cast it always if can". Try to mix heals/buffs/dmg. So can adapt to situation.

1, Sunbeam (free) Restore

2, Withdraw (free) Pillar of Faith

3, Watchful Presence  (free) Consacrated ground

4, Circle of Protection  (free) Tryumph of Crusades

5, Revive the Fallen (free) Searing Seal(optional)

6, Minor Intercession (free) Pilar of Holy Fire

7, Resurrection(free) Storm of Holy Fire,


Paladin Active Powers:

Lay of Hands + Greater Lay of Hands (fast heal)

Zealous Aura + Exalted Endurance (more heals, and defenses)

Flames of Devotion + Shared Flames (buff ellies, could combo with Inspired Triumph)

Glorious Beacon + Inspired Beacon (more dmg from allies)


Priest (neutral) passives:

Mostly buff our casting to be faster, or hit harder. 

Weapon and Shield

Scion of Flame

Practical Healer

Rapid Castig

Spell Resistance

Potent Empower


Paladin passives:

Mostly survival, we can get Triumph with Priest Spell + kill steal with FoD

Deep Faith

Divine Purpose

Aegis of Loyality

Inspired Triumph

Virtuos Triumph

Stoic Steel


Party Composition: True pure wizard nuker still welcome. Rogues synergize since they benefit from common blindness.


Why Paladin/Priest

No use for 28 points on pure Priest, it doesnt matter how many spells per level i know, i could cast only 2.

28 points on Paladin is nice, but could be overkill when it comes to personal defenses, and Zeal goes mostly for Lay of Hands and Inspired Bacon.

Personal Defenses of Paladin make Priest last longer, and could even be front body and still cast.

Lay of Hands is fast heal we need.

Zeolous Aura is instant buff from start

Several small buffs from Flames of Devotion, Glorious Bacon, Aegis o Loaylty.

Priest spells are sometimes decent or fun. Cant argue with orbital laser.



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If you mean "old good cleric with divine, avatar, other amazing buffs and lots of heal from d&d", i think you must take priest of Vael+something melee, bcs mage's protective spell can get you same feel - with buffs you can do whatever melee do, but more better and still have heal.

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In your current iteration, you're going to have a really hard time with attribute allocation, trying to put 18 INT, 15 MIG, 15 DEX and 13 PER without dumping CON or RES is going to be impossible. Also, if you're planning on tanking, you're going to want Resolve. 


I recommend you adjust your stats to the following:


MIG: 15

CON: 10

DEX: 10

PER: 13

INT: 15 

RES: 15


The reason for this is simple, you're going to have Priest buffs to increase your Might, Constitution, Perception, Intellect and Resolve by +5 whenever you need to. "Being quick" isn't really possible when you're in heavy armor without Fighter levels (which you're going to be in heavy armor if you're tanking). You also don't need to worry too much about Dexterity because "being quick" is going to be more about your weapon recovery speed than anything else, if you stick to a weapon with lower recovery times (like the Flail of Eothas) then you'll be able to quickly change actions with sufficient speed. 

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We get only points abilities of 15+2race+1 orgin. Counted origin twice.

Being slower could get away with that, lay off hands + Shieldbearer should give quick response.

Int is something hard to sacrifize,  droping int means shorter buffs, and smaller AOE and so harder times catching allies/enemies. So that is hard choice.

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Alternatively you could lower your Perception, you don't need it much as a tank and you can very easily use the Priest buff (Blessing or Dire Blessing) to give yourself +5 Perception and, if Dire Blessing, a graze-to-hit conversion. 


Drop Perception to 10 and set your INT at 18. 

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