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Assassinate and Back stab only work with first weapon strike if duel wielding

master guardian


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It was like that in the beta, and Assassin would probably favor single handed to ensure crits.

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well they favor anything other then duel wield for assasin or backstab


So what is the go here is it staying like this or is it a bug?


Considering you pretty much OHKO everything already, i am going out on a limb here and say it's going to stay that way. 

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This is intentional it was like that since beta.
Even with full attacks only 1st attack gets the backstab+assasinate bonus.

Full attack is not both weapons simultaniously, it's technically 2 attacks without recovery between them.
So it makes sense technically.

I'd like to see full attacks to strike with both wepons same time, would look cooler, and that backstab dmg would be insane. (might be the reason it isn't in the game too strong)

For backstab now best would be Two-handed sword with it's +dmg modal ability on and with something like flames of devotion for example, that does huge extra dmg and has extra accuracy from the swing.
Actually palladin/assasin with two-hander is really a viable one-shot build atm. 

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Would the good strategy be to get a high damage weapon for backstabs and swap to dual-wield when out of invisibility? Or are the recovery time not worth the effort?

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